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Festivali Anibar hapi edicionin jubilar

A clash between hopes and fears, the eternity of human beings

Homo Deus in continuity is in a conflict with Homo Sapiens. The first one talks about hopes whereas the second one never gets to make them happen because of fears. But how do you overcome this? This is the first key question, whose answer, Anibar – International Festival of Animated Movies, invites to explore together. “Hopes and fears” is the theme of this year’s Anibar that is celebrating its’ jubilee year. A decade of activism through art as an answer to social and environmental changes and the need of justice.


Leonora Aliu


Based on two books “Homo Deus” and “Sapiens” by the famous israeli author Yuvak Noah Harari, the moderator who made the opening of Anibar this edition Vullnet Krasniqi, ironized with the fact that the human being always concludes with the things that are offered to reach a better position in society and mostly because of the fear of trying new stuff and the fear of facing reality.


On purpose Anibar has chosen this year fear and hope as the theme of the 10th edition. Organizers are convinced that in a society where everyone is being indifferent towards social, political or environment changes, people become insecure and this insecurity is followed by fear but also hope that one day those fears and the needs of humans will be addressed. Anibar invites everyone to treat their fears and hopes in this edition by starting to talk more about fears and hopes and understanding where we are and where we want to go as a society.


At the opening of the festival, Anibar featured three animated films: MATCHES by director Geza M. Toth who is part of the International Competition; Mom’s Clothes by director Jordan Wong, which is in the Students Competition; as well as The Ostrich Politic by director Mohamad HOUHOU, another movie part of the student’s competition.


Anibar opens the doors of five cinemas: Jusuf Gërvalla, Urban, Cube, Lake and “Istref Begolli” theater for children, from the early hours in the morning while inviting everyone to come face to face with their fears and to look forward for the hopeful future.