12 months ago

WTF, is wrong with our societies?

Moments of laughter and astonishment at this Special Film Program of Anibar 14.

Boundaries of reality are shattered, and the unexpected takes center in the stages of the movies that were screened yesterday at Anibar’s Special film program “WTF’, as part of the 14th edition that is being held in Peja. In a world that sometimes feels too serious, it’s time to embrace the bizarre, the astonishing, and the downright hilarious, in the end “the opposite of laughter is not seriousness, it is reality.” So, let’s leave reality behind for a little while and dive into a collection of 12 extraordinary films that will ignite your senses and challenge your perceptions.

Red Square

In 5 minutes and 47 seconds, Anatol Chechik brings us into the Soviet fol phantasmagoria of Russia.


Malte Stain from Germanu Portrais in 4 minutes 32 seconds, a man who is haunted by a little thing, and gets driven to his edges.

Not Drifting Off

Director Steph Hope in collaboration with producers, Fus!, Glenn Huth Maeland, Slaqr, 

Henrik Dyb Zwart, Michelle Simunovic, and Julia Grimm created the story of Amy, who comes face to face with her innermost thoughts in the form of uncountable sheep, and thronged, muscly backing dancers. This movie comes to Anibar in Peja, through a collaboration of creators from the USA and Norway.

The Sunset Special

Nicolas Gebbe from Germani invites us in 17 minutes and 30 seconds to his reflection of the perfect beach location, the perfect partner, and the most exclusive hotel: the reality of the modern capitalist dreamlife. 


A collaboration between director Lucile Paras and producer Ensad – École Nationale Supérieure Des Arts Décoratifs, tells the story of a young woman being harassed in the streets, and a creature who shrinks her opponents by just roaring at them, joining forces to retaliate against overly intrusive men through the short movie “Godzalina”. The story is portrayed in Paris. 


A hand-drawn sequential telling of human history in all its horror and glory, culminating in our next evolutionary leap. A creation by Theo W. Scott from the UK.

Hotel Kaltura

Rosa sits at the hotel bar alone, waiting to be lit. A movie by Sophie Koko Gate from the UK.

Sed saepe cadence

Gina Kamentsky from the USA, invites you to the home-alone story, on a sunny afternoon, a perfect time for frolicking in the garden.

A Goat’s Spell

A child and her usual day. A bewildered goat at the house and a couple of airplanes high in the sky. Then, everything starts falling to pieces. The goat seems to be the link – if anything is linked at all. This movie comes as a collaboration between director Gerhard Funk and produced by Karsten Matern, Gerhard Funk Animation & Media Art.

Birds Whose Legs Break Off

A mysterious disease sweeps through the bird population. This film comes to Aanibar from the Netherlands as a creation of Dirk Verschure.

Don’t Die on Me

Director, Ori Goldberg in collaboration with producers Tohu Animation Collective, Ori Goldberg, tells the story of asthmatic Matti who is coughing again, and again when he hears the irritating sentence: “Don’t die on me!”, only this time, he’s going to. This film comes from Israel to Kosova, through Anibar,

Coucou Tchoutchou

Exactly like our world. Try it and see this creation of Charlie Mars. 

This Special Program was beautifully curated by Sébastien Sperer, who since 2011 has been presenting the Best of Annecy at similar events, and since 2013 organizing short film screenings in prisons, health care homes, bistros, churches, and more.

Wherever he is, he desires to make animation accessible to all, this medium where anything is possible. A kind of village hang-out where human experience exists unfiltered and unrestrained. With this in mind, he created the Midnight Specials “WTF” program in 2017. 

Fascinated by the mobilizing power inherent in the magic of film, his leitmotiv is: “Promoting intercultural understanding through the use of animated film, dialogue, and transmission”.


Leonora Aliu