Anibar International Animation Festival goes Live & Online for its 12th festival edition, saluting both the real solitude and claustrophobia we experience with ISOLATION.

Even before the pandemic, Kosovars were already experts in isolation due to our movement restrictions. Which means that we are also great dreamers. And we are ready to break free, this year at Anibar Animation Festival. The 12th edition of the Anibar Animation Festival is dedicated to isolation. A beautiful paradox. Isolation can be good. Each of us knows those moments when we need to be alone, to find peace. And during the pandemic, quarantine can be necessary. Isolation can also mean darkness. It closes our minds and can morph into things like xenophobia, segregation, and intolerance. At Anibar Animation Festival 2021, we’ll dive into all aspects of Isolation!

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Anibar International Animation Festival is powered by our supporters.