Through the “Hani i Elezit” border crossing, following the regional Dual Carriage motorway to Prishtina and Peja, or through “Globoqica” border crossing through regional dual carriage way of Prizren – Gjakova – Peja


The Border crossing “Qafa e Morines” following the motorway towards Prishtina – Peja or regional dual carriage way to Prizren – Gjakova – Peja, and through the “Çaf-Thana” border crossing you can reach Peja through Junik.


“Kulla” border crossing situated in the north of Peja is only 30 km from the city of Peja

Air Transport:

70 km from the city of Peja you’ll find Prishtina International Airport where you’ll find taxi services to Peja or for more information on reaching Peja from the airport please visit www.airportpristina.com

Reaching Peja

by rail is another opportunity to be used. It is a functional line of Skopje – Prishtina – Peja route. For more information please visit www.kosovorailways.org

Buss transport

is very functional, you’ll find number of daily bus routes that operates from all countries that border with Kosovo as well as all European countries.



Visitors interested to visit Peja during the festival can accommodate at these locations:


Hotel Dukagjini http://www.hoteldukagjini.com/
Hotel Cardak http://www.hotelcardak.com/home2.html
Other Hotels you can find at: http://www.pejatourism.org/en/akomodimi-peja.html#
In Peja we also have homestays which are offered for the festival visitors, for all the information regarding the accommodation during the festival (13-19 Aug) you can visit our information table, which is located in the city center (Korza) of Peja, near Hotel Dukagjini.

For accommodation and travel to Peja, contact us at: [email protected]

For more info regarding Peja, your stay in Peja and tourist information you can go to: http://www.pejatourism.org/en/index.html

Rules and FAQ


The usage of cell phones during the screenings is prohibited.
Talking during the screenings disturbs the film-loving people that are attending the same screening as you, so please keep quiet and respect your friends.
No lasers.
No Illegal and restricted substances by law.
Do not leave your items unattended.
Place your trash in the dumping bins. Please do not throw it on the ground.
No smoking or drinking inside the indoors cinemas.
Everyone will be searched at the entrances: items that may be considered as dangerous by the organisation will be confiscated. In case of discussion, our security has the last word and their directions should be followed immediately.
The daytime program is open to all ages. Kids programs are free of charge.
Bring your funny suits ???? Become your favorite character, people will love you!

The most important rule: Enjoy the festival as much as you can!

Leave no trace
Anibar loves the ethic of Leave no Trace. Since our festival will be mainly located in a green venue, we strongly encourage the usage of these seven principles that Leave no Trace has as rules:

-Plan Ahead and Prepare
-Be Considerate of Others
-Respect Animals and Wildlife
-Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
-Leave What You Find
-Dispose of Waste Properly
-Minimise the Effects of Fire

General information

Where can I go first when I arrive in Peja?
Go to our Information Booth in the center of the City. You can get all the directions from there, our volunteers will accompany you if you are really lost!

How do I get around in Peja, I don’t know the city?
The festival has designed a map just for the festival attendees. You can find it printed on the program and on our website.

I want to see the awesome films, where do I get the tickets?
The tickets can be found at the entrance of each venue, but we suggest you to buy the tickets during the day from our Information Booth. You know, first come first served. Ticket fee: 1 euro.

I don’t know the schedule of the festival, how can I get informed?
You can find printed programs all over our venues, where you can find information about the films, events, panels, workshops, and parties.

What is the first event of the festival?
The Opening Ceremony! On Thursday 20th of August at 9 oclock at Jusuf Gervalla!

I want to buy some festival materials such as T-shirts and Bags, where?
Information Booth!

I have lost my belongings, what do I do?
Contact the festival staff immediately. If there is no luck on finding them, please go to the Information Booth and fill out a form. We will take care of Lost and Found.

I have found something that is not mine but I don’t know whom it belongs, what do I do with it?
Take it to the Information Booth – Lost and Found. Leave your name if you want the person to buy you a drink – that is the policy ????

Where do i pick my free pass from?
You can pick your pass from the Information Booth (lots of work for them eh?)

Program information

I want to meet some filmmakers, how can I do it?
You can attend our everyday-event called Meet the Filmmakers and Presentations at Jusuf Gervalla every day from 14:00 to 16:00.

What is happening right now at the festival?
You can read your copy of the festival program and consult with the film catalogue. Or you can download our briliant app on Apple Store and keep informed and updated properly in real time. And yeah; www.anibar.com or facebook.com/anibarfest

Are all the events open to public?
They are all open to public. Workshops, panels, presentations, and of course, screenings.

Will I be able to charge my dying phone on the festival venues?
Yes you will! We are trying to install electrivity even in the wildest parts of the Karagaq Park.

Information based on venues:

Karagaq Park
Where can I find water?
The beautiful Karagaq has its own spring with clear water that comes from Rugova Mountains.

Where can I find food during my stay in Karagaq?
There will be vendors sellin food and refreshing beverages on the site.

Is there parking on the festival venue?
Karagaq Park has its own parking ground. It is located across the entrance of the venue.

Is Peja a city that loves bikes? Can I arrive there by bike and do I have a place to lock it?
Peja loves bicycles! However we do not have a specific parking for bikes on the festival grounds. Here’s an idea: use the poles that light the park! PAYOW – Park at your own risk.

Is the water from Lake Cinema clean for me to swim on it?
Unless you don’t mind swimming with frogs, then go for it ???? But you can always embrace your wild spirit and go for a walk up to Rugova Mountains, and find a comfortable place by the riverside and just go for it!


How many cinemas does Anibar have?
We have five cinemas:

Cinema Jusuf Gervalla – also the headquarters

Cinema Lake at Karagaq Park

Cinema Cubes at Karagaq Park

Cinema Monster – Kids Cinema (Theater Jusuf Gervalla)

Cinema Urban (Youth Center Basketball Court)

How do I find them?
You can find a map on your copy of the program and on our website.

How do I rent a boat to watch films from the water and under the stars at Lake Cinema?
You can buy your pass at the entrance of the venue. You can share your boat with a friend!

How do I know what films are for children and what for adults?
Cinema Monster (Teatri Jusuf Gervalla) is dedicated to children’s animation. Everything else is for adults! Film content too, so make sure to find the right cinema for you ????

Will there be some kind of explanation regarding the films?
Yes, before every screening there will be a short presentation of the containing films.

How long will a screening last?
Since the films are short animated films, a screening will last from 50-60 minutes. However, there are a few feature films that reach 90 minutes.

After Parties

Who is rocking the stage tonight? Line up, please?
Check your program! Every night two to three musicians will rock your brains out ????

How much is the ticket fee?
2 euros.

Will there be any animated-related activities here too?
To have the same spirits as of animation, we will be showing some beautiful Animated Music Videos that have some great music! Qysh e do vendi, e bo kuvendin.

When do these parties end?
At 2:00 am!

Security information

If I need to call an ambulance, the police, or the firefighters what is their number?
You will be able to find police vehicles and ambulances around the sites, but just in case:
Police 112
Ambulance 92
Firefighters 93