5 months ago

Student Competition 2: A journey through enigmatic realms

Stories that transports us to dimensions of realities.

Last’s night second screening of the student’s competition at Anibar 14, was a welcome to a cinematic adventure. The audience was part of a journey through enigmatic realms, where each film explores unique and captivating stories of death, immortality, and life itself. From stranded islands to dystopian utopias and encounters with giants, this program offered an array of thought-provoking tales. Let’s delve into the extraordinary worlds of the five films screened last night at this Competition:

Hermit Island from, by director: Gábor Mariai | Producer: József Fülöp

Prepare to be transported to the mystifying Hermit Island, where fate intertwines the lives of Cassi and an eccentric hermit. After Cassi finds herself stranded following a heroic mission, her encounter with the hermit sets off a transformative adventure as they embark on a quest to find a new boat, The unpredictable depths of the island force Cassi to reassess her journey, while the hermit confronts ghosts from his past. Gábor Mariai’s direction and storytelling weave a captivating narrative of self-discovery and unexpected connections.

From the Corner of My Eye, by director: Domonkos Erhardt | Producer: József Fülöp

In this captivating short film, two strangers’ lives collide fleetingly when their eyes meet. “From the Corner of my Eye” presents a mesmerizing moment of connection, beautifully captured by Domonkos Erhardt’s direction. With minimal dialogue, the film masterfully conveys the power of human connection in the briefest of encounters.

THE TORNADO OUTSIDE, by director: Maria Tomazou | Producer: Solomon Golding

Step into a mesmerizing tale set in a perfect house, anchored in space, shielded from the chaos of the Tornado that rages outside. “THE TORNADO OUTSIDE” revolves around Anna, a young woman living in this sheltered abode. Maria Tomazou’s direction and Marius Scholtz’s writing create a gripping atmosphere as Anna’s seemingly safe existence is questioned. Will she dare to venture beyond the confines of her stable haven and embrace the tumultuous world outside?

The Scent of Beetroot and the People Who Live Forever, by directors: Petra Stipetić and Maren Wiese | Producer: DOKfront

Enter a mesmerizing dystopian utopia where immortality has been unlocked by the scent of beetroot. Petra Stipetić and Maren Wiese’s direction takes us on a surreal journey as a scientist discovers the unimaginable: the eradication of death. In interviews with inhabitants, we witness the implications of eternal life as a magenta atmosphere envelopes the world. What were once mortal lives are now forever changed, bound by the fragrance that altered the course of humanity.

Oliver the Giant, by director: Júlia Lantos | Producer: Mónika Mécs

Prepare to be enchanted by the whimsical world of “Oliver the Giant.” On a little planet, Oliver lives carefree, believing the world as a whole is his playground. However, the lives of little humans take a momentous turn as they strive to build a sun clock, connecting them to the vast universe. Júlia Lantos’ imaginative direction presents a heartwarming tale that reminds us of the beauty and wonder of the simplest things.


Leonora Aliu