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Solidarity in Action

Solidarity in Action

Solidarity in Action

Online Talk

Friday, August 21 2020
18:00 CET
Open for Public, Broadcasted live

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Panelists: Gent Jakupi, Lul Raka
Moderator: Durim Abdullahu

The COVID-19 pandemic, although it has brought humanity to a situation with many unknowns, has also produced a series of solidarity initiatives and actions that give hope for the future.

From the very beginning of the outbreak of the virus we have witnessed how many nurses have voluntarily expressed their willingness to help those infected throughout Kosovo. Various groups and calls have been opened on social platforms to help people in need during the closure for several months, voluntarily. Recently, a community of producers showed solidarity with the infected at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo by bringing them raspberries and blueberries.

All these cases, as well as many others before the pandemic, given that the times before today have massively promoted individuality. In difficult times, perhaps suddenly, it is being proved that humanity is almost naturally inclined to become one; one in trouble and hardship; one in solidarity; one in action.

The above cases are just a few of the many. This panel aims to honor and show the work and solidarity actions of many silent ones in these days of pandemics.


This pannel is being implemented with the support of Fridrich Ebert Stiftung – Prishtina Office, Kosovo We Want platform and SIDA through its Human Rightivism Program