8 months ago

Keesling: Storytelling might take a different turn after the Coronavirus Pandemic

Brooke Keesling, someone who has years full of experience working in the animation industry, gave the last presentation at the 11th edition of the Anibar festival. Under the moderation of our festival director, Arba Hatashi, Brooke told us what it is like working for the world’s biggest animation studios and companies in Los Angeles, California.

One subject that was discussed in this presentation was the COVID-19 pandemic that totally disrupted the whole Animation field. Brooke thinks that animators have been busier than usual from the beginning of this period but younger animators, according to her, “will be impacted in a deeper manner”. She says that those who have experienced this pandemic in their formative years will deal with it a lot more differently. “If not immediately, later, we will see the impact of this in storytelling… I think that there are some odd positives that will come up as a result of this situation”.

Moreover, she also did not fail to mention the Black Lives Matter movement that has been happening in the United States and around the globe. Keesling believes that other creators from minority backgrounds might be given a platform as a result of this movement now, in turn, diversifying the creative pool of the industry.

Another thing that was talked about in the presentation was the education of new generations of animators, something that Anibar is deeply invested into. The Animation Academy is another program that showcases this commitment.

This presentation is available for those who wish to re-watch it online on Anibar’s official Facebook page.