5 months ago

“Do’s and Don’ts on Animation Portofolio Making – Curation and Branding” presentation by Lisa LaBracio and Dez Stavracos at Anibar’s 13th edition

A presentation by Lisa LaBracio and Dez Stavracos took place at the cinema “Jusuf Gërvalla”, during Anibar’s 13th edition, where the participants had the chance to discuss in detail about the do’s and don’ts on the animation portofolio making - curation and branding.

In this session, participants visited different roles within the animation industry, learned about the opportunities to be part of it and how to do multiple things without being specialized.

The speakers give insights into the project leads, writing, directing, producing, understanding the vision and breaking down the project into steps and the making of a team.

They inspired and motivated the participants to set themselves up for success.

“Understand who you are and what feels good, if you create a pattern that you don’t enjoy, you don’t need to come back to it, progress is not linear – some days you need to walk away , when you are not in the mood and when things don’t go right. One day you can illustrate something great and one day not, and that is fine.”

Lisa and Dez were open to questions from the audience, giving detailed answers about what it means to be an artist.

This is not the last of Anibar’s presentations, Dez Stavracos will also conduct another presentation on the topic of “Animation for Advertising: Craft, Careers and Capitalism” for all the animation lovers of Anibar.