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Destroying patriarchy through animation

Destroying patriarchy through animation

Wednesday, August 19 2020
18:00 CET
Open for Public, Broadcasted live

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Panelists: Fabian Driehorst, Amanda Barbour
Moderator: Britt Raes

“Globally, it is estimated that 70% of women make up the number of employees of health and social services in general, while during the COVID-19 pandemic, these two departments were among the most exposed to risk, respectively women were the first to face the risk of the virus, although underpaid. A black shadow that fell on this whole situation, was the increased violence against women, where even Kosovo did not remain unaffected by this negative phenomenon. The situation with the pandemic, although it has produced solidarity and a lot of hope, has also revealed some negative phenomena that like a time bomb have exploded together with the pandemic.

However, art and especially animation can serve as effective tools for deconstructing these negative phenomena, as their creative and visual aspect goes beyond what traditional forms allow. But how and to what extent can animation contribute to the sphere of gender equality, respectively to the destruction of patriarchy, but also address the situation of women throughout the pandemic?

In this panel are to be discussed various cases when the animation has served as a stinging and effective tool of social change, especially gender, but also how this type of art can address and provide solutions to recent phenomena brought by the pandemic. In short, how can animation destroy patriarchy?”