5 months ago

Celestial connections and the urge to control love

Astrology's quest for cosmic control, explained at Anibar 14.

How many times did you wake up in a rush to check the daily horoscope to get to know how the day will unfold? Have you ever been curious about which zodiac signs your crush belongs to? And how often have you said, “No, this can’t possibly work out,” due to you and your loved ones, zodiac incompatibility? Well, believe it or not, some people organize their lives entirely around the reading of their astrological charts in all spheres of life. The fourth and final thematic discussion panel, held during the 14th edition of the International Animation Festival in Peja, focused on love as its main theme and explained this delicate matter with finesse and insightful information.


Romina Ruda, Blerina Kanxha, Vesa Dragusha, and Hana Blakçori were the panelists who filled the Art Gallery in Peja with an atmosphere that was both relaxed and intense. The questions were incessant, and the passionate devotees of astrology began with their explanations about the significance of the positioning of planets in our lives and how they influence our behavior, identities, formations, and communication in both social and intimate relationships.


If I were to detail every piece of information here, I’d ruin the magic of this event, and I’d end up discussing zodiac signs, which is not the focus of this article. Instead, the focus is on the meaning of astrology in our lives, both socially and intimately.


After all, it should be understood that Astrology is one of the most ancient belief systems that humanity has used to comprehend the world and life around us. The roots of Astrology trace back to ancient civilizations that observed the movements of the sun, moon, planets, and stars, attributing significance to their positions in the sky. As time passed, astrology became an integral part of these cultures.


Viewed from another perspective, the role of Astrology as a means of controlling our social lives raises complex questions about determinism, free will, and the interaction between cosmic forces and human agency. While some may argue that astrology offers a predetermined path, implying a loss of personal control, others see it as a mirror through which we gain self-awareness and make empowered choices. What we can say here and now is that Astrology serves as a reminder of our interconnectedness with the universe, encouraging contemplation on the vastness of existence and the delicate balance between fate and the autonomy we possess to shape our destinies. Knowledge of these, just like any other form of knowledge, only serves to help us strive for what is called a harmonious balance between cosmic influence and our ability to shape our paths through conscious choices and self-reflection throughout our existence. Who knows, perhaps we are closer to the universe than we have ever been, and perhaps the universe indeed offers us signs as a form of understanding. So why not listen?


Leonora Aliu