2 years ago

Bestytndejat: It Seems That the Fun Never Ends at Anibar

In this 13th edition, Anibar has planned numerous “Bestytndeja” for us to enjoy after a long and fruitful day full of animation.

From amazing regional artists to international ones, Bestytndejat will be available for us to enjoy every night of the festival after 11:00 pm. 

In case you’re wondering where the word ‘Bestytndejat‘ comes from, Bestyt– is an abbreviation of the word Bestytnitë, which is Albanian for Superstitions, and ndejat stems from the word nejat which means gatherings.

We have handpicked the best artists for everyone to enjoy – whether you’re a fan of techno like to treat yourself to jazz or are simply looking for some good old blues, we have it all at Anibar!

Bestytndejat will go on every night from the 13th of July up to the 19th, and will be the medium for these amazing performers to rock:


13th of July

Gent Gorani

Connecting Dots

Florent V


14th of July




15th of July

Blla Blla Blla

Neither Famous Nor Rich (NFNR)


16th of July

Jolle Bezos


Dj Pamon


17th of July

Grey Lenses

Elektorati Intelektual


Vellezerit Mllefi



18th of July

Gipsy Groove



19th of July

Dont Listen to Your Neighbours




Grab your friend, get some drinks and get on groovin’.