3 years ago

Augenblicke (A Blink of An Eye)

Three perceptions of only one truth - hers, his and ours.

Anibar invites you to the screening of the animated short film “Augenblicke” (A Blink of An Eye) and discussion with the director of this film, Kiana Naghshineh.

The well-known film “Augenblicke” will be screened this Thursday at 17:00, while the discussion with the director will take place immediately after the screening of the film.

To watch and discuss this short German film that deals with rape on a three-level perspective, sign up on this form. Virtual participation is limited.

“Augenblicke” is one of those shocking films that manages in a few minutes to penetrate into the depths of our beings, through the brutal and powerful treatment of the ghastly phenomenon of rape. Well-known American writer Jack Kerouac, when talking about the length of life, in order to show how short it is, says that it lasts as a wink of an eye and winking stars. Rape, meanwhile only needs an unnatural wink, without waiting for winking stars. “Augenblicke” is the definition of rape that occurs in a natural blink of an eye.


Three perceptions of only one truth – hers, his and ours.

A woman walks home at night. She is overwhelmed from behind by a stranger. He grabs her and tries to rip off her clothes. They fight. The point of view switches between man and woman. Reality and fears blur into each other. A new Point of view is involved: eyewitnesses who live in surrounding houses. They look down to an escaping perpetrator and a helpless victim. But for the woman herself this situation is not so clear


This activity is being organized with the support of the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) through its Human Rightivism Program.