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Anibar International Animation Film Festival Travel Guide

This is a travel guide for all of the festival guests that travel to Peja from other cities of Kosovo, but also from other countries. You will find extensive detail and information on route directions to Peja as well as external links on means of transportation to arrive there successfully.

Bus Transport 

You can travel to the city of Peja by car, train or bus. If you are traveling by bus which is a very functional way to travel, you can find all bus departures time as well as other details regarding your trip by visiting this link: https://gjirafa.com/Autobus

Every city in Kosovo allows for direct transportation to Peja via bus, you simply have to show up at your nearest city bus station. 


Plane transport 

If you are traveling to Kosovo by plane, you will first land in Prishtina International Airport, from there you can take a taxi cab that will drive you to Peja. For more information on reaching Peja starting from the airport please visit this link: http://www.airportpristina.com/


Rail transport

Rail transport is yet another convenient way to travel to Peja: you get a chance to sit back and enjoy the view of our mountains and nature, until it is time for you to be greeted by our city. The rail transport line is functional on the Skopje – Peja – Prishtina route, so you can catch your train where it is most convenient for you. For more information regarding departure times etc, please visit www.kosovorailways.org


Traveling from different countries

Every year, a lot of people travel to Peja from different neighbouring countries such as North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania, to be a part of the festival all through its course. We want everyone to feel welcomed and feel right at home, which is why we have made sure to give you all of the necessary information you need regarding traveling from these countries to Peja. 


Traveling from Macedonia

In order for you to travel from Macedonia to Peja you must follow this route: First you will go through the “Hani i Elezit” border cross, followed by the regional Dual Carriage motorway to Prishtina or Peja. 


Another way you can travel to Peja is by passing through the “Globoqica” border crossing through the Prizren – Gjakove – Peja dual carriageway.


Traveling from Albania 

In order for you to travel from Albania to Peja you must follow this route: First you must go through the border crossing “Qafa e Morines” following the highway towards Prishtina – Peja.or the dual carriageway towards Prizren – Gjakove – Peja all the way through the “Çaf-Thana” border crossing and right at the end you can reach Peja through Junik. 


Traveling from Montenegro 

In order for you to travel from Montenegro to Peja you must follow this route: You will go first through “Kulla” border crossing located in the north of Peja, which is approximately 30km away from the city of Peja.


Traveling from Serbia

In order for you to travel from Serbia to Peja you must follow this route: If you are traveling from Novi Pazar you have to know that there isn’t a direct bus (or any kind) line between the two towns. Anyway, it isn’t a problem at all. You will take the bus that ply the route between Novi Pazar and Mitrovica. From there on out, you can take any bus that goes to Peja, from the city’s bus station. 


You can also find out more information on Peja, your stay in the city as well as other tourist information by visiting this link: http://www.pejatourism.org/en/index.html


If you need further information or help regarding the accommodation process as well as traveling to Peja by any of the aforementioned means please reach out to us on social media.