8 months ago

A Cinematic Journey in the International Competition

Anibar's 14th edition is set to captivate audiences with its International Competition, featuring a selection of 18 short animated films from around the globe.

 This diverse program promises a unique cinematic journey, highlighting stories from various countries and cultures. With each film under 30 minutes, this competition brings forth a powerful and condensed exploration of a multitude of themes and artistic expressions.

The importance of the International Competition lies in being a global showcase. Representing a multitude of perspectives, the competition this year unites filmmakers from France, China, Estonia, Belgium, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, the Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, and Australia. Each film contributes a distinct voice and cultural backdrop to the program.

Among the selections, the International Competition features a remarkable array of films, each with its own compelling narrative and artistic approach:

27” (France) Alice tends to live in her dreams to escape reality. Will a serious drunken accident give her the courage to become an adult?

Directed by; Flóra Anna BUDA


Shadow of the butterflies” (France) In a mysterious forest, a woman is slowly lured into a nostalgic daydream as she observes butterflies.

Directed by: Sofia El Khyari


Wedding on the Execution Ground” (China): After four decades, a retired actress seeks to reunite with her first love, the lead actor from a 1960s Chinese propaganda play.

Directed by; Zilai Feng


Box Cutters” (France, Netherlands, South Africa) A young woman recalls a day when she was attacked by three men on her way home, but daily life must resume its course.

Directed by; Naomi Van Niekerk


Eeva” (Estonia) It’s pouring rain at the funeral. There are many years, too much wine, several woodpeckers, and a handful of dreams to fill in the gaps.

Directed by Lucija Mrzlajk & Morten Tsinakov


Garrano” (Portugal) A Garrano horse is forced to pull a heavy load under the blazing sun. Young boy Joel discovers a man who is about to set a forest on fire.

Directed by; Vasco Sá & David Doutel


It’s nice in here” (Netherlands) A fragmented portrait of a moment, a person and a place, seen through the subjective memories of a young black girl, Imani, and the rookie police officer, David, who both have wildly different recollections of the same fateful moment in a corner store that will leave their lives altered forever.

Directed by; Robert- Jonathan Koeyers


Cuddle” (Belgium): Coline’s return to her childhood bedroom sparks poignant memories, highlighting significant objects that shaped her life.

Directed by; Margot Reumont


Ice Merchants” (Portugal): A father and son’s daily routine of selling ice takes them on a thrilling adventure as they parachute from their remote house attached to a cliff.

Directed by; João Gonzalez


Slow Light” (Poland): Witness the miraculous journey of a blind boy who suddenly gains the ability to see, uncovering the profound impact it has on his life.

Directed by; Katarzyna Kijek & Przemyslaw Adamski


Teacups” (Australia): This film delves into the surreal interactions between a man and those contemplating suicide.

Directed by; Alec Green & Finbar Watson


Amok” (Hungary): Clyde, having lost his fiancée and his physical appearance, must confront his inner demon.

Directed by; Balázs Turai


Scale” (France): Will’s journey along the motorway becomes an introspective exploration of his own drug addiction and its consequences.

Directed by; Joseph Pierce


Drijf” (Belgium): Lost at sea, Jeremy and Aurora’s survival becomes intertwined with the complexities of their relationship, challenging their understanding of each other.

Directed by; Levi Stoops


Dear Passengers” (Russian Federation): A surreal train journey unfolds as passengers aboard Train Number 72 become part of a unique narrative experience.

Directed by; Max Kulikov 


Pentola” (Italy): Unveiling the challenges of being a hero, this film explores the significance of strength.

Directed by; Leo Cernic


Sandwich Cat” (Spain): David’s ordinary day takes an unexpected turn when a visit leads him to reflect on the essence of humanity, alongside his feline companion, Sandwich Cat.

Directed by; David Fidalgo


Dies Irae” (New Zealand): Two playful angels, seven sinful pigs, and one poor righteous passerby.

Directed by; Collective MARU


The International Competition at Anibar’s 14th edition seeks to celebrate diversity and offer a range of thought-provoking topics. These remarkable animated works showcase cultural, emotional, and societal aspects, providing audiences with a transformative experience. From heartwarming tales to introspective journeys, each film contributes to a rich and inclusive narrative landscape.

The International Competition will be screened at Lake Cinema and Cubes Cinema from the 18th to the 21st. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness these incredible works of art!