3 years ago

12th edition – An insight of all the activities taking place on Day 5

The fifth day has commenced!

Here is an in-depth walkthrough of everything that took place during the day, including screened movies, workshops, panels and of course Anibar Dance Away!

The activities started at Halit Kasapolli School where at 10:00 we went on with our “Confessions of Isolation” workshop. We continued to explore isolation through storytelling, and each day we empathize and connect more and more with each other. This workshop proved to be very necessary in this year’s edition, not only because it correlates with the theme, but more so because of the sheer need for human contact. The workshop was hosted by Lend Mustafa, Ujeza Ademi and Pablo Guarneros. 

“One frame at a time” was also held at Halit Kasapolli School at 10:00 and was hosted by Joan Kamberaj. This workshop allowed all attendees to create and explore the animation world from an entirely new point of view. It is tailored especially for the youngsters, and it aims to give them a place to express their creativity in different forms. 

“From one generation to the next” was held at the Youth Center, hosted by Kaltrina Berisha, Vullnet Leshi, Leonita Thaqi and Finesa Peja. The first generation to graduate from the Animation Academy is ready to pass down their knowledge to the new generation through this workshop specifically designed for kids and teens. The main premise of the workshop was to help kids create short animations using Stop Motion as a working technique. 

Last workshop of Tuesday was led by Gary Schwartz. He continued to welcome the youngsters in his “BARMATION” workshop at Halit Kasapolli School. The work that is being produced by the young people of the festival is nothing short of amazing, with colorful drawings scattered all over the place, comic schemes, and the animated promo of the festival that is also coming along very nicely, making this workshop one to remember.

The Exit Bar was the welcoming environment for our daily meet-up “Coffee and Talks”. Passionate discussions happened amongst festival attendees and animation professionals, all of which revolved around the exciting world of animation. 

Next, Mauro Carraro held his very illuminating presentation at Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla. “Sensitive 3D” informed the audience of the endless possibilities that lie in the 3D realm of animation, and how they can integrate those techniques in their future projects. This presentation was held at 12:00, and it turned out to be quite successful.

At the Istref Begolli Theatre we continued with the screening of movies from Kids Program 4 .The  screened titles were: “Me, Covidou”, “Master painter Bah Bizon’s balloon ride”, “Wild Lea”,”COCKEREL, DOG AND FOX”, “Kiko and the animals”,”A Tiny Tale”, “Cautionary Tales” and “Wayward Children”. 

During the day we also screened Teens Program 4, with its corresponding titles such as “It Was Only a Rock That Looked like Someone”, “Looked Like Someone”, “Red Rover”, “Ciganymesek/Valaha madarak voltunk”, “Bear with me”, and “Mara, Tank the dog and chicken legs”. 

Then, it was time for our competitions to start. The first one to take place was the Human Rights Competition 3. The movies screened were “I am Chuma”, “Niet Thuis Boris”, “Modern Queer Heroes”, “A Chance to Be”, “Missing Migrants”, “Water to Ayutla”, “Wargame”, “We Have One Heart”, and “LES CHAUSSURES DE LOUIS”. All of them touched very sensitive topics in a harsh, but honest way.

That was followed up by “Archipel” screened at 16:00 at Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla. This movie is part of the Feature Film Competition, and it revolved around topics of existence, humanity, love, and the power of creation. The message of the movie was to keep on creating, sharing and inspiring each other. 

In between competitions at the Youth Center, attendees could be a part of the panel titled “Surrounded by four windows” led by Nita Zeqiri and Mehmet Behluli. A very interesting panel that explored isolation on an artistic level, and how it has provided artists with some private time to successfully finish their projects in order to share them with the world, and to hopefully make an impact. 

We carried on at the Lake Cinema at the screening of Student Competition 4. The audience had the chance to catch the screening of these titles: “Pearl Diver”, “Coffin”, “Eyes wide open”, “Sirius”, “Girl in the Water”, “Sisters”, “Chocolate”, “Jeijay”, and “True Colours”. 

Lastly, Cubes Cinema screened the International Competition 4, where the audience enjoyed these movies “Horacio”, “HIDE”, “Precious”, “Easter Eggs” and “The Fourth Wall”. 

To wrap up a fast paced day STRATOS took the stage at Anibar Dance Away. A lot of dancing, a lot of chatter, and a lot of fun took place; three very important components of every great night.