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STORY WALKS is a dynamic, fun and sociable workshop that combines spontaneous storytelling with character design, collage and performance. It is intended as a way of getting to know each other, introducing a location, and exploring our associative psychogeography.

Daniel Saul is a filmmaker whose work is rooted in painting and animation. He has
also worked as a documentary filmmaker, exhibition curator, theater maker and leader of large-scale community arts projects. His work is generally concerned with interpersonal biography and working across art-forms. He has commissioned work for television, news broadcasts and for museums and theater companies, including The British Library, The Science Museum and the Museum of London. He currently teaches at the University of the Arts London as well as being co-founder and Director of R&D Studio Ltd.

Izzy Barszcz is London-based animation director, working on a variety of projects ranging from Short Films, Video Projections, music videos, commercial and educational content. She recently graduated from National Film and Television school, with the film “Many Faces of Ava”. Izzy’s work explores the relationship between aesthetics and compelling storytelling. Passionate about merging original sound design and music in bringing unique and emotionally engaging stories. Interested in subjects that move the heart and make rethink status – quo. She currently teaches at University of Art’s London.


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