9 months ago

Open Call for artists for original artworks in Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla

Anibar is looking for artists!

Anibar is looking for artists! For our new project “Cultural heritage as an artform – Promoting cultural heritage in Peja”, we are opening a call for artists of any kind. Whether you are a painter, sculptor, graphic designer, textile artist, illustrator, or any other type of artist, we would love to hear from you! Motivation is more important than experience, so young or unexperienced artists, please keep reading as well and apply to this call. 

The “Cultural heritage as an artform” project aim:

The Anibar’s project “Cultural heritage as an artform – Promoting cultural heritage in Peja” serves to raise awareness and promote local cultural heritage sites, like Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla and other important historic places in Peja, to different communities living in Kosovo. Through artistic activities and educational programs, the project aims to increase visibility of cultural heritage sites in the Peja region through artistic interventions and education while engaging young people and children of different ethnic backgrounds living in this region. This project “Cultural heritage as an artform – Promoting cultural heritage in Peja” is part of the financial grant “Cultural Heritage as a Driver for Intercommunity Dialogue and Social Cohesion” project implemented by UNDP Kosovo and funded by the European Union’s Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).

The  Cinema Heritage Exhibition & ArtWork propose: 

One of the artistic programs we are planning is an exhibition at the Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla focused on the history of the cinema. In this exhibition, we will exhibit the equipment and movie posters from our archive. Additionally, we want to present four (4) original artworks, inspired by the cultural heritage that Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla is. That is why we are inviting artists to propose their idea of an artwork related to (the history of) Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla. Anibar will be evaluating the ideas/application according to criteria which include: a) how well or original the history of the cinema is represented through your artwork, b) the message that will be sent out to the wider public and c) the link to cultural heritage we are trying to promote though our project. Also, Anibar is striving to have a mix of diverse artforms and artists to apply to this call.  

Who can apply to this call:

-Anyone that’s involved in making art. Motivation is more important than experience and we accept all art forms;

-Because this project is focused on the cultural heritage of Peja, we prefer an artist that has a connection to Peja (whether born in Peja or living here currently);

-We strongly encourage minorities and people from non-Albanian communities to apply as well, with a focus on Bosniak, Serbian, Turkish, Askhali, Egyptian, Gorani, and Roma people.

How to apply for this call: 

To apply, please send us an email on [email protected], using the subject ‘Application original artworks in Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla’. 

In the email, please include a short introduction to who you are and your idea for the artwork. You can use the form which you like/prefer the most: you can write a text, present a video or use any other medium. Additionally, your idea should include how your art was inspired by Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla. If you have a portfolio of previous work, please do attach it to your application.  

For inspiration, we recommend you to read the publication “A Brief History of Cinema Jusuf Gervalla” in the link: https://anyflip.com/xjjai/ozsh, check out this virtual tour of the film posters or visit the cinema: https://anibar.org/ekspozita/. As well, please feel free to ask questions you have about the assignment in this email address.

Extended deadline for application is: 7th of August 2021

Selection’s process: after the closing date of the call, Anibar will evaluate and select four (4) best ideas/applications which elaborate and portray the Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla history and importance through art, as well as fit with the requirements of this Open Call. The selection results will be communicated to all applicants by 8th September 2021. 

Other important information: please note that for the chosen ideas/applications there will be a honorarium available throughout the implementation of their ideas. Please note that if your idea/application is  chosen, you would have to be available at the beginning of September 2021 for engagement with Anibar.