2 years ago

Biggest superstition of all: Kosovar Passport

During this year’s edition, our theme was “Superstitions”.

Throughout generations, we have passed down food, clothing, language, mentality, and above all – superstitions, no matter how modern the times have become. Be it good luck or bad luck, curses or hexes, spells, potions and lucky charms- this irrational and hilarious fear has followed us for centuries. However, are you ready to hear the biggest superstition of all? We don’t know whether you’ve heard of this one, but it goes something like this: Touch a Kosovar passport, and you’re stuck in Kosovo forever. Whether you were born in Kosovo and require visas for about anywhere you want to travel to, or you have been simply visiting and you don’t want to leave this breathtaking community, the superstition remains true. For Kosovar citizens, traveling to other countries is usually an unattainable dream, and anything beyond that is unlikely. Kosovars have been isolated from the world since forever.

A good part of what sets Anibar apart from other festivals is the encouragement given to the international community when it comes to attendance, as it helps us establish a bridge where young Kosovars can interact with the international community and exchange ideas. Kosovars rarely have the opportunity to interact with people from across the border, except at festivals like Anibar. No matter how rewarding this experience may be, the local community often feels left out as the festival draws to a close because they are reminded of what they do not have: the freedom of moving around. Despite the importance of all the traditions Kosovars have learned from the international community, they also have to watch all the foreigners leave, having to wait until the next edition to meet again- since Kosovars themselves are unable to travel.

Nevertheless, the question remains: how long do Kosovars have to wait before they are considered worthy of visa-free travel like so many others around the world? Despite the opportunity to meet these amazing filmmakers, producers, creators, and musicians who visit Kosovo from all over the world, you cannot help but think about all the missed opportunities to explore life abroad; travel and visit friends and family, to learn more about other cultures, to take a breath of fresh air, but most importantly; to enjoy the right of traveling freely.

Anibar has always promoted and celebrated unity, diversity, and culture; be it from animated movies, music, workshops, panels, or afterparties. It’s been a meeting point for creatives all over the world to yield growth, share knowledge, have a comfortable safe space, and most importantly: have fun. “There must be something in the air in Kosovo- because no one wants to leave”, is a recurring compliment from our non-Kosovar friends who can’t help but love everything Kosovo has to offer. Despite its size, Kosovo has a mighty heart, from food to culture, hospitality, and natural attractions; our doors are open to all of those who wish to visit.