″13th edition of the festival - Superstitions″

Anibar WebPage 2022

Do you knock on wood? Do you change your path when you see a black cat crossing your path? Does your mother, father, grandmother or grandfather shout at you when you cut your toenails at night?

Do you believe in the supernatural? Mysticism? Myths? Legends? Superstitions?

Through years of tradition we have passed down through generations food, clothing, language, mentality and above all – superstitions, no matter how modern the times have gotten. Be it good luck or bad luck, curses or hexes, spells, potions and lucky charms this irrational and hilarious fear has followed us for centuries.

Although superstitions can seem wicked and unreasonable to some, others find them as comforting. They help people cope with uncertainty and seem quite important culturally. One can say they give meaning to our lives. Superstitions similarities in different cultures not only bring us closer, but they also tend to give us an unthinkable reason or an explanation as to why things happen. Sometimes intuition can be useful when wrapped with superstition.

Knock on wood three times and pull your ear because this year’s theme for Anibar Animation Festival is superstitions. This year, in the mystical city of Peja, we’re welcoming superstitions from near and far to bring together countries, communities, artists and friends to celebrate multiple beliefs. We’re gathering to form a centerpoint for diversity, multiculturalism and to bind everyone together with our theme. Although not on a Friday, Anibar’s 13th edition begins from the 13th until the 19th of July. A number that represents misfortune and bad luck that is also met with fear, so much so that there is a phobia named after it. Whether you’re paraskevidekatriaphobic or not, don’t miss the chance to be part of this holy superstitious week.

Anibar has always been about promoting and celebrating unity, diversity and culture; be it from animated movies, music, workshops and panels. A meeting point for creatives all over the world to yield growth, share knowledge, have a space to feel comfortable and most importantly: to have fun. As a community, we welcome you (and your superstitious-grandparents) to join us on this endeavor of fate and destiny told through all ends of the world.

Whether you believe in superstitions or not, Anibar awaits your arrival in the city of Peja from the 13th until the 19th of July!

Come and see the world through a broken mirror!

These listed hopes and fears were a sample of those shared by our staff members from their lives and our organization. These hopes and fears were both collective in theme, but individualistic in meaning. We are looking forward to hear your stories during our tenth edition of the festival.


International and feature Competition Jury

Student and Balkan Competition Jury

Human Rights and Animated Music Video Jury

Young Audience Jury


International Competition Winner: A Coat Made Dark – Ireland (Jack O’shea)

International Special Mention: Shell All – France (Zaver Najjar)

Student Competition Winner: Sea Child – United Kingdom (Minha Kim)

Student Competition Special Mention: Velodrool – Estonia (Sander Joon)

Environmental Competition Winner: October 2050 – Czech Republic (Alzbeta Gobelova)

Environmental Competition Special Mention: The More I know – Czech Republic (Marek Naprstek)

Balkan Competition Winner: Of Slaves and Robots – Serbia (Miloc Tomic)

Balkan Competition Special Mention: RRRING RRRING – Germany (Thomas Kneffel)

Animated Music Video Winner: Quack Fat – Opiuo – Australia (Jonathan Chong)

Animated Music Video Special Mention: D 729 – Belgium (Levi Stoops)

Audience Award Winner: He who has two souls – France (Fabrice Luang-Vija)

Audience Award Special Mention: Ivan’s Need – Switzerland (Veronika L. Montanom Manuela Leuenberger, Lukas Suter)