7 months ago

Anibar Edition X: A Review

The Lake Cinema venue: 9.

The Cube Cinema venue: 8.

The Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla venue: 6.

The Urban Cinema venue: 6.

The emotional value of the Urban Cinema venue: 9.

The potential of the Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla venue: 9.

The white line across the screen at the Lake Cinema: 5.

The thundering sound volume at Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla: 5.

The visuals on the side screens at the Anibar Nights concerts: 8.

The security, bar service, and atmosphere at the Anibar Nights concerts: 8.

Local rapper Sticky’s endless dialogue with the audience: I love you Peja! We love you Sticky!: 8.

The friendly attitude of the dogs at the entrance of Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla: 8.

Their appetite: 10.

The quality of Birra Peja: 8.

The food at Kulla E Zenel Beut: 9.

The hospitality at Hotel Çardak: 9.

The stamina of the Anibar team: 10.

Their capability of coordinating the program, overcoming technical setbacks, dividing responsibilities, making the international guests feel comfortable, mobilizing dozens of young volunteers, inviting children into the festival, honoring the many donors, communicating with audience and media: 9.

The quality of the couches at the Anibar office for a power nap: 5.

The talent of the Anibar team and volunteers to take a power nap anyway: 9.

The potential of Anibar improving Peja’s public space: 7.

The potential of Anibar improving Peja’s mental space: 9.

The cheer and energy of the volunteers: 8.

Their hidden talents (as animators, critics, producers, and citizens): 8.

The contributions of the international guests, through their work, talks, and curiosity: 9.

The way Americans pronounce Kosovo: 3.

The way they all these guests are helping Anibar to expand their international networks: 8.

The added value of the artist talks and panels: 8.

The outreach of the festival through this paper, thanks to Zëri: 8.

The printing quality of this paper, thanks to Zëri: 5.

The quality of this paper’s editor and her team: 8.

The need for young journalists to learn the basics of reporting: 8.

The articles coming out of the Film Criticism and Journalism Workshop: 8.

Animators as role-models of wild imagination, dogged perseverance, skilled craftsmanship, irreverence in the face of senseless traditions and blind power, choosing quality and adventure above money and careers: 9.

Anibar’s balance between being a social force for the good (of Peja in particular and Kosova in general) and a showcase of fiercely critical, often quirky, sometimes gloomy and always high-class artivism: 9.

The idea that all Peja citizens should take a week off to attend the Anibar programs: 10.

The chance that this faithful reporter will be here again next year: 10.

By: Chris Keulemans