1 year ago

ANI BARE the good news!

We are looking for a Communication Coordinator to co-design and convey the message of the Anibar organization. 

As a team of people that manage a public space, organize large scale cultural events in the city, and work for and with the community, we are inviting someone to join our team  of 16 skilled and motivated people from different professional backgrounds.

We are looking for someone who: 

-Can work full time in Peja;

-Is creative and proficient in communicating in Albanian and English (knowledge in other languages is a plus);

-Can manage the department of communication;

-Can organize and plan complex communication strategies in a detailed manner and monitor their implementation;

-Has knowledge of external types of communication (marketing, media relations, social media, advertising, etc);

-Has knowledge and experience of culture management;

-Is detailed oriented in terms of visibility and its requirements;

-Is eloquent at public speaking, and knows the audiences;

-Can find ways to communicate the contents to all age groups and communities;

-Can present content in all multimedia formats traditional and online;

-Has a sensitive, careful and respective approach to the work and the people;

-Is efficient and synergise tasks;

-Is creative and has a creative mind;

-Has good interpersonal skills of being communicative, attentive, flexible and collaborative;


1. Bachelor’s degree in social sciences, communication and public relations or equivalent.

2. Has previous experience in working on a cultural or civil society organization.

How to apply and selection notification:

Phase 1

Do a short 2-minute video of yourself explaining who you are and why you want to work at Anibar (any format of your choosing)

Send us the video and a CV at [email protected] with a creative subject + Communication Coordinator at Anibar.

Phase 2 

All the successful applicants of phase 1, you will continue to Phase 2 where you will be asked to:

Share with us a 200 – 300 words essay for your communicative and strategic approach on how you will promote a specific event of Anibar to the community.

Phase 3

For all successful applicants of phase 2 an interview will follow up.

Anibar thanks all those who apply, however only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.  

The deadline to apply for phase 1 is 10/04/2023 at 23:59.