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Study visit registration

Peja's Cultural heritage

An important part of every community is the cultural heritage which besides the fact of telling a story about the legacy of the people , also preserves the element of the memories that these objects carry which inspires people to protect them.

Anibar opens the call for participants for a one-day study visit to Peja’s cultural heritage monuments.

Places to visit are: “Jusuf Gërvalla” Cinema, Peja Patriarchate, Bajrakli Mosque, Ethnographic Museum, Haxhi Zeka Mill, etc.

During the visit, participants will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of these monuments and how they are preserved.

The Anibar project ” “Promotion of cultural heritage in the region of Peja” is implemented by Anibar within the framework of GrassRoots Action Support project, which is implemented by IKS, Lens, and FES, financed by the European Union, and managed by The Office of European Union in Kosovo.”

Interested participants age 16-30 are encouraged to apply! Application deadline, 3rd of December, 2019!

Anibar encourages all ethnic groups to apply for the visit!

To apply please click here.

Accepted participants will be contacted by Anibar staff, for further information!

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