8 months ago

Student jury: “The selection of the winning films is based on the theme of the festival”

In each edition of the festival, the student jury has had a special role in selecting the competing films

 In each edition of the festival, the student jury has had a special role in selecting the competing films. This 11-th edition, which for the first time came online, 5 stundents, Djellza Balluku, Doki Qerimi, Elvira Thaqi, Qëndrim Hoxhaj, Nita Xerza, under the mentorship of Annegret Richter, have evaluated films of both categories. Member of the jury,Djellza Balluku, shared with “Anipress” her experience  in this edition of the festival as well as the ways and difficulties for selecting  the winning films.

  1. How do you comment on your experience as part of the student jury in this edition?

 It was a very good experience for me, starting from the fact that last year I was also part of the animation academy of ANIBAR. Those were my beginnings to knowing more about animation, so it has been an even bigger impetus to see new animations from animators from all over the world.

  1. You have evaluated the films of both categories, how difficult was their selection?

 It has been very difficult given the fact that each is in a different style, same with the story. Each has been unique in its own way, so this has probably made the selection work even more difficult, however, due to teamwork we have had it easier to reduce them.

  1. Did you have any other mentors who instructed you on the evaluation, or did you make the selection yourself as a group?

No, in fact we have been working for two weeks with Annegret Richter, who has guided and helped us in the selection of these films, but it has mainly been a personal preference, She has not influenced the decision making process.

  1. What was special about the winning films you selected?

 Each film has been unique in its own way. We thought of coming up with a solution to fit the theme of this edition, which is “Humans”. Each has to do with something more humane, but also in terms of style and the way they are created is very special.

  1. Given that for the first time the edition of this festival is organized online, what can you tell us about the festival as a whole?

 To my wish , it would have been better if we were able to come all week, because  it is a different experience when you are with other people and when it is outdoor screening. But even this way has worked. Although virtually, we found cooperation and had no problems. So, it worked very well and everything was fine.