Welcome to the 6th edition of Anibar! It’s August again in which the city of Peja now brings six years of fresh air of the animated film festival. This year, just like every other year the staff of Anibar chose 200 animated films and separated the categories according to age. Very important animated film producers will be presenting again this year. One of the collaborators of Anibar from Italy Ottoman Laboratori who was present last year as well is coming again this year to teach children about the art of animated films and how to make the three of them in short length.
Anibar brings directors, producers, animators, writers and participating filmmakers in this edition, where the youth in the festival are free to ask questions and open discussions about the films shown during the festival.
The main purpose of the festival is to advice young people to understand the issue of tolerance through animated films.
The special guest for this edition is the brain of the background of the series ‘’The Simpsons’’ producer Mike Reiss, who will unveil the past stories about the show, dealing with guests stars and obstacles approaches.
This year’s films will feature in 4 locations:
1. Cinema Isuf Gervalla
2. Theatre Istref Begolli
3. And the open air cinemas that are going to take places in the city park :
4. The cube cinema and the lake cinema.


Grand Jury

Student Jury Mentor

Student Jury


This year where the first Student Jury And the first year Animated Music Video that took place.


International Competition Winner: WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT COSMOS-Russia (Konstantin Bronzit)