Youth for Change

The “Youth for Change” project has been implemented by Anibar since July 2019 in order to create a constructive space for the participation of young people to seek more effective, transparent and responsible local and national governance. This will be achieved through the creation and promotion of the online digital platform “Virtual Assembly”. This project will create the conditions for young people from different cities of Kosovo to have the opportunity to be an actor of change in the community where they live, thus strengthening their cooperation as young citizens with local level institutions. The project aims to give young people the opportunity to benefit from the Internship Program in cooperation with relevant municipal institutions in order to get the needed preparation for the labor market thus gaining basic knowledge on the work of institutions and good local governance.

Published material in this link.

This project is implemented by Anibar and was supported by the Engagement for Equity Program – E4E, funded by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID and implemented by the Advocacy Training and Resource Center – ATRC.