Exploring Fear, Curiosity, and Shared Connections across Artistic Media

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Desire to establish emotional connections with people!

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Anibar’s 14th edition comes with an interesting and exciting presentation that explores fear, curiosity, and shared connections through different artistic mediums.

The presenter, MOTOMICHI, is an award-winning artist from Japan who now resides in New York. MOTOMICHI has created artwork using different art forms, such as paintings, sculptures, graphic design, video installations, VJ performances, and projection mapping.

During the lecture, MOTOMICHI will talk about the importance of establishing emotional connections with people. He will be focusing on the powerful emotions of fear and curiosity. He believes that these feelings can bring people together and create meaningful experiences.

Passion and personal emotions play a significant role in MOTOMICHI’s creative process. He believes that expressing these emotions through art can have a profound impact on viewers. MOTOMICHI constantly explores new media to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

His artwork has been exhibited in renowned museums and galleries worldwide, including the New Museum in New York, Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod, MARCO in Monterrey Mexico, Olympia Park Munich, Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris, and La Gaîté Lyrique, among others.

MOTOMICHI’s animated films have been showcased at prestigious festivals like the Sundance Film Festival, Onedotzero Festival, and Edinburgh International Film Festival. His recent film, “Okami,” even won an award at The Leeds International Film Festival.

He has also produced music videos for notable artists like Nicola Cruz and the Swedish band, The Knife.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from MOTOMICHI and gain insight into his unique artistic journey.

Join us at Anibar’s 14th edition for an enlightening presentation that will broaden your understanding of art and emotions.

This activity is organized with the support of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo.