8 months ago

Isolation, the New Way of Showing Solidarity

Once again, Anibar presented another remarkable discussion through its Anibar Panels program which was streamed on Facebook Live. This time, the panel which was hosted by Durim Abdullahu included Lul Raka – Kosovo’s most qualified microbiologist, and Gent Jakupi – a selfless volunteer doctor at the Student Center during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The main theme of this panel was “Solidarity in Action”. Lul Raka, someone who is very familiar with the word solidarity, says that the pandemic has exposed different problems that our society has kept hidden and now solidarity amongst us is more important than ever. “It is crucial for us to be gathered around each other in moments of hardship like these, and not just around our family but also with other members of our society that we are not related to. However, this time isolation is a sign of solidariy”.

Gent Jakupi on the other hand is very happy with the support he has received during his work at the Student Center. “I did not think twice before going in” – he said when he was asked about that experience. “I had to isolate myself from my family in order to protect them” – he explained as he tried to emphasize how important the support he received from colleagues and family was.

“He reminds me of myself during the war” – says Lul Raka who has had the experience of being a war doctor and also a volunteer in Liberia’s Ebola epidemic. Raka reminds us how solidarity is something that is deeply rooted in our culture and passed along generations to come. According to him, dark moments like this pandemic have unmasked each and every one of us. “Now we see who is who, there are no words now but only actions”. Raka is very happy to see young doctors showing this type of solidarity in a selfless manner but he is also critical of the way our institutions treat young essential workers like Gent.

“I think the problems that the pandemic has exposed will never be solved unless we stop the migration of young professionals from our country. We will never progress unless we stop stepping on brains.” – said Raka. He explained that healthcare professionals are not appreciated enough and not provided with the resources they needed in order to practice their profession.

He is proud to see Gent putting his life on the line for his country and not having German lessons, a new trend amongst young healthcare workers who are migrating en masse to countries with shortages like Germany. “Our leaders have the means on the table to stop the youth from emigrating. When we stop that, we will have solved the problem of healthcare in Kosovo.”

For those who want to listen to this discussion, this panel is still available on Anibar’s Official Facebook page.