2 weeks ago

Gary Schwartz Joins Anibar to Teach the Other Side of Animation

Gary Schwartz (Disney, Sesame Street, MTV) will be taking us through the process of animation, step by step.

Gary Schwartz is an Academy Award nominated filmmaker, award winning animator, director, as well as an educator. He joins this year’s edition to give you a first row seat to the unique approach in the world of hands-on animation. Through his workshop BARMATION you will get to witness the creation process like never before, as well as create an animated promo for the festival itself using unique techniques, like Stop Motion and Kinetic Visual Storytelling.

It will be a truly engaging and practical workshop that you don’t want to miss. Focusing entirely on covering direct and handmade techniques to develop pristine animation. Come experience free expression, hands-on experience in the creative process, which surely allows you for a better expression of creativity, imagination and self-expression.

Create and learn from the best of the best, the way only Gary knows how! Working in exciting projects with Disney, Sesame Street and MTVhas granted Gary a true and authentic view on the sheer complexity and the beauty of the animation and film world in general. He has also continuously contributed as a teacher by lecturing at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design. Schools, universities, NGOs, prisons as well as mental health institutions have had the pleasure to host his inspiring workshops. And now it’s your turn to hear more about his journey and getting a chance to work closely with him!

This workshop is curated entirely for you to throw you in an utmost environment of creativity, free expression and imagination will be all yours, starting from the 24rd until the 29th of July!

We want to give you his most notable quote: “Magic inspires my art; the something that comes from nothing.” Because through creating and freely expressing ourselves with no boundaries in sight, we can achieve greatness.

Apply now at this link to be a part of Gary’s workshop!

This workshop is supported by the US Embassy in Pristina.