3 years ago

Call for media accreditation!

Dear media representatives, Anibar International Animation Festival is about to start very soon! In order to provide access to all local and international media equally and in order to facilitate you better during the festival, we invite you to apply for media pass and accreditation for your media and your team. We remind you that the festival will be held from 15 to 21 July this year.

Anibar offers event coverage for each local or international media. But for those media that want to cover the festival from the opening day until the final day, Anibar will provide this year also logistical support by providing accommodation for the teams that will cover the festival. To accommodate your media crew, you will need to apply for your accreditation.

The accreditation for Anibar 2019 offers you:

· the ability to watch all the festival films;
· meetings and interviews with well-known international guests and filmmakers;
· follow-up the discussion panels;
· accommodation in Peja for easier access to the festival;

To apply for accreditation please send to us by email:

· The name of the media company;
· Name and surname of the journalist and cameraman/photographer;
· The data your team will stay at the festival (necessary to arrange accommodation);

The teams will be provided with accreditation and guidance throughout the festival.

The application for accreditation is open from today until the 10th of July 2019. For any additional questions or clarifications, please contact Leonora Aliu at +38344726962 or through email: [email protected]. Anibar thanks all media for the continued support of the festival on our ten-year journey now.

Media Anibar