1 month ago

Anibar Animation Festival announces: SMASH THE PATRIARCHY

July 15th to 21st, we meet in Peja, Kosova for Anibar 15!

As we gather for the 15th edition of Anibar International Animation Festival, once again we are taking a stand against systemic inequality and gender discrimination.

Our festival is a sanctuary for radical imagination, where the status quo is challenged, and new progressive ideas are supported. 

This edition, Anibar will keep advocating for a balanced and healed society, making space for discussions on equity, personal authenticity and fulfillment, freedom, and the well-being of every individual. Thus, Anibar will keep embracing its vision of confronting dogmatic mentalities while making way for inclusion and diversity. 

We invite everyone to join us during the seven days of the festival to Smash the Patriarchy by understanding its causes and protesting its effects, through a carefully curated program of films, presentations, panel discussions, educational activities, music, and more!  

July 15th to 21st, we meet in Peja, Kosova, to help build a fitting system through awareness and togetherness!

The animator of the trailer upon was asked to give a statement on the work she has created for the 15th edition of Anibar International Animation Festival:

I was very excited when Anibar approached me with the task of creating this year’s festival trailer. The logline was: “Smash the Patriarchy”… but what does “smashing the patriarchy” mean? How do I approach it in a 40 second animation? I was thinking long, hard and realized that for me the most important part of smashing the patriarchy is not actually some sort of demolishment, it’s quite the opposite. I wanted to show how important it is to have trust and human connection in order to rebuild a system that is unfitting for most of us.” – Luca Toth