3 months ago

According to Lul Raka, the 12th edition of ANIBAR will take place physically and without masks.

Lul Raka, the most famous Kosovar microbiologist

Lul Raka, the most famous Kosovar microbiologist; in an interview with Anibar Press, spoke about the management of the Covid-19 pandemic and the challenges faced not only by the healthcare workers, but also by all citizens. He talks about solidarity which was even more apparent during this pandemic. According to him, this is pandemic is a lengthy challenge, but by staying together and respecting the measures, we can hopefully overcome it.


  1. How can you comment on the management of the Covid-19 pandemic in Kosovo?

In general, not only in Kosovo, the pandemic is a challenge for every health institution and every country. You have seen that even the most powerful country in the world, the world superpower, the United States of America, has had extraordinary problems, even though, for example, let’s say they have 4% of the human population, but they have 25% of all cases and deaths. It is a typical example, a superpower which allocates the biggest budget for health, science and research, has extraordinary problems, let alone other underdeveloped countries such as Kosovo, in which the pandemic is exposing all of the shortcomings of the health system, all the problems. From the beginning we have said that in each pillar, there are 8 pillars responsible for the pandemic. There are challenges and problems that affect the citizens every day. Both the management, and the government, and the patients themselves. Therefore, it is a challenge that will last, it will still last, it is a marathon, and here is the point, if we all stand together, if the population implements preventive measures on the one hand, strengthens, has mutual trust with health institutions and the government, then we can cope easier with even fewer victims and problems.

  1. How difficult has it been for you to practice your profession at this time with this difficult system? Professional challenges?

No one knows the problems, challenges and shortcomings of the system itself better than health workers. Normally that has been very challenging not only for me but for every health worker, and not just for health workers because in this pandemic everyone is affected. In this pandemic we have the police, we have the teachers, we have the inspectorate, we have the journalists, and we have the citizens. Everyone is on a common boat, which I often say. And, normally that’s challenging for everyone. It is also challenging for the population because if such a challenge lasts for months then stress increases. Let’s not forget the socio-economic aspect, let’s not forget the mental health that has consequences in the profession.


  1. How do you comment on the solidarity of the people, with a special focus on medical workers, during this time?

Yes, precisely pandemics should be a turn towards solidarity, not towards isolation, nor towards oneself, but towards solidarity, towards help. We have noticed this in every part of life, both in Kosovo and in the world. In the first place, as you mentioned, to the health workers who have been unemployed, to the students, to the ordinary citizens who have volunteered and helped from the beginning and are still helping. Then you have the other solidarity of ordinary citizens in the most dangerous categories, the most vulnerable people, the elderly, the people with monetary problems, and people with socio-economic problems. In general, we are a people whose closeness, family, friends and help are part of the genes, and it is normal that in these cases there is no lack of solidarity.


  1. Given the situation that our country is going through now, will there be hope that the 12th edition of ANIBAR will take place physically and without measures?

Yes, I believe it will take place without masks. Until then the vaccine will come out, a part of the world will be supplied, the underdeveloped countries will get a part of the vaccines for free and will buy part of them themselves. I wish that next August we won’t be wearing masks and that everything will be held physically.