8 months ago

13th edition – An insight of all the activities taking place on Day 6

The 13th edition of the Anibar International Animation Festival comes with a sensational program, which includes numerous activities

On the sixth day of the Festival, an animated film VR program consisting of seven short films started at 10:00 at the Art Gallery. Using the technologies available to facilitate this program, users could experience the unimaginable realities where the narrative is being told in unconventional ways. Viewers watched the following films: Passenger, Wolves in the walls, Battle Scar: punk was invented by girls, Limbotopia, Replacements, Paper Birds, and Goliath: Playing with Reality.

Each day during the Festival, a meeting with filmmakers is held at 10:30 at the Exit Bar, where coffee is served and favorite topics are discussed. In these meetings, they talk about films, techniques, details, movements, and everything that characterizes animated films.

At 12:00, the Istref Begolli Theater began showing the competition films of its 9+ Kids Program, including: The Secret of Mr. Nostoc, The Winged, Angry bag, and Mom is always right.

The program continued at 12:00 in Jusuf Gërvalla with the screening of Panorama: Out of Competition Program 1 with five films: A Goat’s Spell, The melancholy of the Phoenix, A Guitar in the Bucket, Passenger, and Bird in the Peninsula.

Panorama: Out of Competition Program 2 brought eight special films to the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema at 14:00. The films that were shown are: Not For Me, Miracasas, The Debutante, Don’t die on me, DING (Thing), C, Hi! How are you?, Til We Meet Again.

The Kids Program 9+ was held at 14:00 at the Istref Begolli Theater, where the following films were shown: Spring Always Comes Back, In Sight, My Grandma Matilde, Cap is one’s own business, and The Girl Behind the Mirror.

The special program: Experimental started at 16:00 at the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema. Audiences were encouraged to explore the fine line between everything and nothing by asking questions rather than finding answers in this program. The films that were screened are: Supertelevision, Script.exe, Anxious Body, Password to the *****, I sit and look out, Money, Quantum Shadow, Worms Ate my Flesh, ZOOPARK, PRESS(ED).

At 17:00, many people attended the “Superstitions as Stories We Tell!” panel. Through classical and contemporary media, books, movies, and legends, people are still communicating through symbols, which have become words, languages, stories, tales, myths, and superstitions. In this panel, it was discussed about their use in daily life, from the aspect of human perspective, tradition, mysticism, and why we continue to use them even today with all this technological and media development.

At 20:30, Kino Ligeni screened the films of the Animated Music Video competition 1, and at 10:00 p.m., Kino Kubat screened Animated Music Video 2. In these categories, 27 different films were shown where, in addition to the beautiful animation, the audience also had the opportunity to listen to music.


Bestytndejat were concluded with: Gipsy Groove and Lilac, who started their musical performances at 23:00 at Kino Liqeni, where the audience could not resist the special and joyful sounds of these artists.