4 months ago

12th edition – An insight of all the activities taking place on Day 7

The clock is ticking and there are less than 24 hours left from the Anibar International Animation Festival!

Thursday was quite action-packed, we once again started the day with our workshops. “From one generation to the next”  and “Confessions of Isolation”, continued their usual course, where the participants perfected Stop Motion and shared isolation stories. On the other hand, “BARMOTION” and “One Frame at a time” held their final day after a week of hard work. 

At Exit Bar our daily meetup “Coffee and Talks” took place. Everyone had very lively discussions regarding the importance and potential of animation, as a serious artistic medium that allows everyone to share a multitude of stories the way they see fit. 

Next, at Cinema “Jusuf Gërvalla” we screened our special program “Variations of Isolation”, curated by Marco de Blois. This program entails nine short movies, all of which explore divergent themes by using different techniques, the most popular out of them being the Stop Motion technique, which allows for a real life creation of different animated skits. Most importantly, it was very well received by the audience. 

We screened the Kids Program 6 at our usual place, the Istref Begolli Theatre. Today, these titles were shown: “Tricked”, “Steward”, “Mara, Tank the dog and the chicken legs”, “Big and Small”, “Zolemia”, “Tonka will do it tomorrow” and “The Game”. 

At the same location, we continued with Teens Program 6. The amazing movies shown in this category were: “LES CHAUSSURES DE LOUIS”, “A stone in the shoe”, “The Amazing Adventures of Awesome”, “It was only a rock that looked like someone” and “Zolemia”. 

Then, we went on with the screening of our other special program for the day, at Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla titled “BRAZEN”. This program comes as an animated adaptation of the bestselling comic books “Culottées” by Pénélope. It follows the portraits of 30 different women, all from different walks of life, and the oppression they face, with the hope of bringing fairness and hope amongst them. 

At cinema Jusuf Gërvalla, Brooke Keesling, the Oscar and Emmy award winner held her presentation titled “Getting Into the Animation Industry”, where she shared her journey as a woman working on the highest level of the animation industry. Along that, she also gave career advice to all those that wish to pursue animation as an occupation. 

Next, we held our panel of the day titled “F**k it through art”  by Ermira Murati, Alketa Sylaj and Driton Selmani. They went on to talk about the revolutionary potential of art, noting that art has always been the main force behind all the big changes that we have witnessed. Art in general has always given us a revolutionary form of communication.

Then, we got to watch the Albanian stand-up comedian Esat Shabani. He delivered a truly hilarious and witty performance on Albanian interactions. 

As usual, we once again held our competitions. On Thursday, at Lake Cinema we screened the Animated Music Video Competition 2, which included these titles: Crazy Things”, “Fryme”, “Kona”, “Grey to Green”, “Real Human Being”, “When Winter Comes”, “Nothing”, “No Future”, “Serenade to Chicha”, “I am sorry”, “The Lake”, and “Sou a Tigresa”.

That was followed by “Animated Music Video Competition 3”, at Cubes Cinema. The screened titles were: “ALESTORM -Shit Boat (No Fans)”, “Bob Marley – Three Little Birds”, “House on Fire”, “Ruthless Cosmopolitans”, “Screen Age”, “Stop it”, “ExP – The Brain”, “Not My Circus”, “Take a Risk!”, “Message for You”, “Yndi – Novo Mundo”, “GRAND SOLEIL: REALITE”, “Prezident Lourajder – Osud”, “Dogs” and “Walks Alone”. 


We finished this long day with Anibar Dance Away, under the tunes of Altin Boshnjaku. He delivered great jams for everyone during the night, making it one for the books.