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Workshop Registration

Traditional music and dance

One’s culture is broad and vibrant portion of an individual life. It dictates the cuisine, dress, and decorative art. However, culture also extends to the entertainment that we participate in. Entertainment serves as a pure expression of enjoyment within a local community and an examination of the culture as a whole. An important part of traditional entertainment is song and dance. Through an animation workshop, we will explore traditional performances of music and dance through focus on traditional instruments like the çiftelia”

“The project “Promotion of cultural heritage in the region of Peja” is implemented by Anibar within the framework of GrassRoots Action Support project, which is implemented by IKS, Lens, and FES, financed by the European Union, and managed by The Office of European Union in Kosovo.”

Interested participants age 16-30 are encouraged to apply! Application deadline, 6th of October, 2019!

Anibar encourages all ethnic groups to apply for the workshop!

Participants from outside Peja will have their expenses and accommodations covered for the duration of the workshop.

The workshop is will begin on October 18th and will continue until October 22nd, 2019.


To apply please click here.

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