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Please read the calls before submitting the online form below:

Anibar International Animation Festival is looking for Media and Communication Coordinators & Volunteers. Before and during the festival, our organization grows with new additional talents, who work in our Media and Communication Department. Do you have skills in Media and Communication? Are you enthusiastic about making Anibar Animation Festival a success? And are you able to bring your skills and talents to the table during the 17th untiil the 23rd of July 2023?

Apply for this Open Call! You have got until the 1st of May to submit your application. You can find a detailed description of all the positions here.

With this Open Call, we are looking for both Coordinators and Volunteers. For the Coordinating positions, we are looking for people with expertise and experience to take on a responsible role in our team. You will have a key leadership position. Coordinators must be available before, during, and after the festival. For the Volunteering positions, experience and expertise are no strict requirement: anyone who is friendly, reliable, and has got the motivation and spirit to work at Anibar International Animation Festival is welcome to apply! The start date of Media and Communications Coordinators and Volunteers will be discussed. Ideally, Coordinators start in the middle of June and Volunteers at the beginning of July. 

To apply, submit a CV and a short motivation letter to [email protected]. Please use the subject title ‘Application for …’ and then the name of the position you are applying for. 

Application deadline: the 1st of May, 2023. Applications that are sent after the deadline will not be considered. From the applications, we will select the best matching candidates for an interview, either in person or online. 

An overview of the positions and how many people we need for them:

-Overall Media and Marketing Coordinator – 2 people

-PR and Media Coordinator – 1 person

-Social Media Coordinator – 1 person

-Anibar Press Coordinator – 1 person

-Video Content Creator – 1 person

-Copywriter – 6 people

-Translator – 6 people

-Proofreader – 3 people

You can find a detailed description of each position here.

    Curriculm Vitae

    Motivation Letter