11 months ago

Anibar joins “Trans Europe Halles”

Anibar is now officially part of “Trans Europe Halles”, Europe's largest network of cultural centers initiated by citizens and artists.

During the 88th “Trans Europe Halles” meeting held on October 16-20 in Timisoara, Romania, Anibar and the Cinema “Jusuf Gervalla” was unanimously voted to be part of this network.

“Trans Europe Halles” which has existed since 1983 and has over 100 cultural centers affiliated across Europe, for many years has served as the vanguard of re-functioning and transformation Europe’s industrial buildings for arts, culture and activism.

On the other hand, Anibar through Cinema “Jusuf Gervalla” has been aiming for several years to make it functional the single cinema in the city of Peja, through various cultural, educational and artistic activities.

The membership of Anibar and Cinema “Jusuf Gervalla” in “Trans Europe Halles” is good news not only for the city of Peja but for the whole of Kosovo in general. The ideas and experiences of the members of this network will help build a more sustainable future for the independent culture sector.