5 months ago

13th edition – An insight of all the activities taking place on Day 5

The 13th edition of the Anibar International Animation Festival comes with a sensational program, which includes numerous activities

The day began at 10:00 at the Art Gallery with a VR program consisting of seven animated films. Users were able to experience unimaginable realities through the technologies available to facilitate this program.

Every day at 10:30, the Exit Bar hosts a meeting with filmmakers, where coffee and discussion are the order of the day. During these meetings, they discuss films, techniques, details, movements, and everything relating to animation.

From 12:00, the Istref Begolli Theater will show the competition films of the Kids Program 4+: Kiwi & Street – Things Have Legs, Edmond and Lucy – Shooting Stars, No-No Goes to Space, My Name is Fear, and Mezozoique Alternative.

At the same time, the attendees of the Feature Film Competition 4 saw the film Chicken of the Mound in the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema.

We continued the program for our little ones at 14:00 at the Istref Begolli Theater with the Kids Program 9+, where they watched the following films: Bellysaurus, The Fox, the Turtle, the Spider and the Cake, Lost Brain, This Hut is too Small, Letters From the Edge of the Forrest, and The Turnip.

Feature film competition 5 with the screening of Bye-Bye Elida took place at the Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema at 14:00.

A special Queer Contemporaries program was held at Jusuf Gërvalla Cinema from 16:00 where many attended to watch these special films: Entropia, Hi, It’s Your Mother, Guy, The Saint of Dry Creek, i Like Girls, Purpleboy, The Night Cleaner, CUT, Manivald, Modern Queer Heroes/Little Elephnt/Queerer than Thou?.

The “Animation Buffet” panel started at 17:00 at the Art Gallery. This panel discussed the many courses that the field of animation offers. Also, emphasis was placed on the meaning, use, and evaluation of animation as a field in itself.

The Student Competition 4 films were screened in Kino Liqeni during the evening, which attracted a high level of interest from future animation artists. Attendees witnessed: Night of the Living Dread, Green, Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, Pests, The uncertain snow, Resting Fog, and The Seine’s tears.

There is nothing better than watching movies in a stunning setting at Kino Kubat. At 22:00, the films of the international competition 4 were presented: Granny’s Sexual Life, Shpija, Good old vinyl, The Garbage Man, and The Umbrella.

Bestytndejat were fiery, followed by metal and rock music from Defy Them’s extraordinary bands that performed: Brey Lenses, Elektorati Intelektual, Telikput, Vwllezwrit Mllefi and the group Shlem.