In August 2015, Anibar International Animation Festival will throw open its doors and welcome over 9,000 enthusiastic animators, artists and audiences to the sixth edition of the only animation festival in Kosovo.

They will be treated to over 160 animated films and many activities for all types and levels of experience. They will enjoy 7 nights of music concerts with bands from all around the region, many workshops, and most importantly five cinemas, from which three are located outdoors, and will have the opportunity to experience screenings from a boat in the Anibar Lake Cinema. Another cinema in the most bio diverse park in Kosovo, Peja’s big park. To add to the whole cinema experience two other indoor cinemas, one at the city cinema Jusuf Gervalla and the other in the city theater Istref Begolli.


Anibar is an organization founded by a group of young and active artists, who have demonstrated their enthusiasm and vision to promote youth culture in the last five editions of the festival, also demonstrating developed capacities to organize large scale events. Anibar has invested in capacity building of youth and children through trainings and workshops, debates, and other activities that will allow all Balkan artists to increase their visibility in international markets.