Anibar has been a registered NGO is Kosovo since July of 2010. It is an organization of passionate activists that encourages young people to express their ideas and worldview through animation and to discuss important social subjects pertinent to the youth of Kosovo. Anibar’s mission is to commit itself to breaking civic apathy through cultural activism.

Anibar has established a reputation as a responsible, innovative and inclusive organization locally, nationally and internationally since 2010. We have completed 31 projects in our seven years of establishment in which Anibar has worked together with local and International partners. We are particularly proud of the successful completion of seven editions of the Anibar International Animation Festival, the only festival of its kind in Kosovo. It is one of the biggest cultural events in the country which continuous to increase in the number of visitors, activities, and films from year to year.

Anibar Festival

In August 2017, Anibar International Animation Festival will throw open its doors and welcome over 9,000 enthusiastic animators, artists and audiences to the 8th edition of the only animation festival in Kosovo.

They will be treated to over 270 animated films and many activities for all types and levels of experience. They will enjoy 7 nights of music concerts with bands from all around the region, many workshops, and most importantly five cinemas, from which three are located outdoors, and will have the opportunity to experience screenings from a boat in the Anibar Lake Cinema. Another cinema in the most bio diverse park in Kosovo, Peja’s big park. To add to the whole cinema experience two other indoor cinemas, one at the city cinema Jusuf Gervalla and the other in the city theater Istref Begolli.


"Cultivation of animation culture between Western Balkans and Visegrad Group"

Anibar is partnering up with Visegrad Group members; Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia to cultivate further the animation culture between the two neighboring areas that are Western Balkans and Visegrad Group. By curating animated film programs, a series of workshops, presentations, lectures, and development of an educational guide to ensure sustainability of the action, this relationship will increase the volume of educational tools, which as a long-term effect have improvement in film production and co-productions between the countries.

Development of a sustainable exchange of experience and knowledge between V4 Countries and the Western Balkans, through animation and its production, will also expose Western Balkan audiences to Visegrad Group audiences to produced animated films and vice versa, therefore which as a result enhances audience development.

Throughout the project Kosovan animation tutors, V4 Animation professionals, local independent animators, and film students will be included in the events and activities that will be organized within the cooperation. The project will last from June 2017 until February 2018.

Partners of this project are: FestAnca – International Animation Festival, Primanima – World Festival of First Animations, and Animation Film Studio, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts. The project is funded by International Visegrad Fund.