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Zsuzsanna Szabó, is an Hungarian stop motion animator, filmmaker and teacher of animation, currently living in the Netherlands.

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At the time she does a part time study “Mastercourse in Art Education” at the Hanzehoogeschool/Academie Minerva in Groningen.

She graduated at the Hungarian Design Academy in 1998 at the Animation Department and in 1999 at the Art Education Department. Since then, she has worked as an animator, story-developer, set-maker; She organized animation events, like the International Animation Day and participated in film-festivals a.o. Klik Festival in Amsterdam and Primanima in Budaőrs, Hungary. She has been teaching animation in workshops, schools, universities and professional courses in Hungary and abroad. I am a member of ASIFA.

Training Of Trainers

Everything is possible in animation, but what is possible in an animation workshop?

Target groups and purposes of animation workshops are very diverse. Often they aim at entertaining/infotaining: participants get acquainted and play with animation, with the magic of objects or drawings coming to life. A good example is an animation playground for visitors of a festival or other cultural events.

Art education requires another type of workshop: it takes longer, it is targeted at children/youth who attend education and explores topics such as how to tell your own story, how to use different animation techniques and film language, how to address for example social problems through film, how to use the magic of animation as expression tool.

Animation workshops for young animators/filmmakers aim at professional skill development and it is often dictated by the needs of the market and the industry. These diverse targets and purposes demand different approaches, time frames, technical/spacial/personal circumstances, teaching methods – even vocabulary.

Participants of this Training Of Trainers will – in teamwork – explore different approaches, look at local and international examples, discuss methods, strategies, didactics and techniques, explore and try out ideas, build up hands-on experiences and create practical solutions for possible workshop needs.

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