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Stop-Trik Piknik

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Age Group: 11-14

Event Imgage
Stop-Trik Piknik is an immersive 4-day program designed for 11–14-year-old children with a budding interest in animation. This workshop is a unique blend of games and learning experiences, focusing on the art of pixelation—a straightforward yet captivating form of animation. Each participant will have the chance to create their very own short film, offering a platform to express their creativity through art.


Miloš Tomić
Miloš Tomić is a film director and animator, active as well in fields of visual arts and education. Multiple award winner at festivals worldwide. He studied film directing in Belgrade (under prof. Miša Radivojević) and completed master’s and PhD studies in multimedia animation in Prague (FAMU). Guest student in Berlin (UDK) and Madrid.

His film “Spitted by Kiss” was the Czech representative for the Student Oscars. With „Musical diaries,“ he represented Serbia at the Venice Biennale in 2013.  Since 1993, he has created over 60 diverse short videos and animated works, mostly in roles such as writer, director, lead animator, occasional: cameraman, actor, and editor, and traveled with them to numerous festivals. I collaborated on many external projects as a mentor, co-writer, (unconvincing) actor, cameraman, or animator.

Alongside film, active in the art scene: from galleries with works as photo-collages, found and made objects, drawings, photographs… to street installations and live performances as a storyteller, musician, or lecture performer.

Since 2005, he has been actively involved in education and has led at least a hundred multi-day workshops with various age and social groups in over 30 cities across Europe.

He taught at FMK (Belgrade) from 2009–2016 and was one of the founders of the digital art department there.

Still actively engaged in capturing scenes, precious moments from everyday life, collecting unusual objects from the street, jotting down or at least retelling bizarre, overheard conversations, as well as stubbornly working on personal films that, slowly but persistently, „rolls“ towards completion.

To apply, please fill out the form at this link, by July 4!

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