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Confessions of isolation

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Confessions of isolation

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Isolation comes to us in various forms. This particular workshop aims to allow for in-depth storytelling of people’s experiences with isolation, be that from COVID or visa prohibitions. it gives the participants the ability to share through the most creative outlets. Because this workshop heavily revolves around storytelling and doing so by sharing through creative mediums, we the curators hope that the participants leave feeling empowered, because there is nothing more freeing than facing your fears, talking about them, and bringing them to the light. This workshop will be held from the 26th to the 30th of July, in Peja and it will be led by tutors: Lend Mustafa, Ujeza Ademin, and Pablo Guarneros.

Title: Confessions of isolation

Tutors: Lend Mustafa,Ujeza Ademin, and Pablo Guarneros 

Dates: 26-30 July

Location: Peje, Kosova 

Age: +16

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