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Filmi shpërfaq bukurinë e ngjyrave, përbërjen dhe transformimin e objekteve në skenë


3 minutes 9 seconds / Hong Kong / 2019 / 2D

It is a 2D hand-drawn abstract animation using the music, “Catgot” by ISAN. The film highlights the beauty of the colors, composition and transformations of the objects in the scene. I am inspired by those strong beats in the song which express the sounds of dripping water and smashing bubbles. Therefore, the water droplets undergo diverse transformations in the animation such as rotation and distortion. Adopting different colored hand-drawn brushstroke texture to draw the movements of water droplets in Photoshop so as to convey an abstract and colorful “fountain performance” to the audience.

Director: Ho Tsz Wing
Animator: Ho Tsz Wing
Music: ISAN

Wing Ho
[email protected]