Ma hingan lihtsalt rohkem – I Just Breath More

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The film interprets Viktoria Grahv's electroacoustic composition "Ma Hingan Lihtsalt Rohkem" ( I Just Breathe More).

Ma hingan lihtsalt rohkem – I Just Breath More

6 minutes 40 seconds

The film interprets Viktoria Grahv’s electroacoustic composition “Ma Hingan Lihtsalt Rohkem” (I
Just Breathe More). Her music was inspired by the theme of breathing to break free of chains, in
the vision of a dragon sleeping in a cave whose breath grows in intensity, disturbed by dreams
and fluttering around creatures, almost to the point of awaking from the heavy slumber.
The animation elaborates on these thoughts with digital 3D shapes melting into sand animation in
a visual world that sails on the arrangement of the composition, searching for the aspect of
breathing and the heaviness of chains in the possibilities of different animation techniques.

Director: Bruno Quast.