Mike Hollingsworth – From animation festivals to Hollywood AND THEN BACK TO FESTIVALS!

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BoJack Horseman is back to Anibar!!!!

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Hi I’m Mike Hollingsworth. Oh, wait… should I pretend like I’m not writing this? Yeah, that’s probably smart. More professional. Like I have “a team”. I’ll start over.

Mike Hollingsworth became the first animator hired by Netflix when he directed the pilot for BoJack Horseman back in 2013. Mike oversaw the production of all six seasons as Supervising Director and later Co-Executive Producer. BoJack went on to garner great critical success. It was ranked as the best Netflix original series of all time by Thrillist and Uproxx and IndieWire named BoJack Horseman as the best animated series of all time. The BBC declared BoJack Horseman “the 21st Century’s best animation”. However Mike’s parents still have not seen the show and have no plans to. EVEN THOUGH HE PAYS FOR THEIR NETFLIX! 

Since BoJack Horseman ended, Mike has Supervised the first season of Tuca & Bertie, and Executive Produced Netflix’s Inside Job and Cat Burglar. You can keep up with Mike’s work by following him on Instagram at @hollingsworth_cartoons.

Mike Hollingsworth will share with us his humorous journey from creating animated shorts for film festivals, just like Anibar, to helping to create Netflix’s first animated series BoJack Horseman. He’ll tell us how the skills he learned making independent shorts helped him rise quickly through the animation industry. 


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