Festival Criticism – Journalism Masterclass

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Born in 1987. She is a Ph.D. candidate in Film Studies at Jagiellonian University, Kraków, specialized in classic Chinese animated film and an author of academic articles on the subjects of Polish and Chinese animation.

Event Imgage

She is a festival director and co-founder of StopTrik International Film Festival (Maribor, Slovenia; Lodz, Poland), a festival dedicated to stop motion animation. She frequently collaborates with other festivals, among them Animateka (Ljubljana), Etiuda & Anima (Krakow), Krakow Film Festival. Film programmes she curated were presented at various festivals and events in e.g. Poland, Slovenia, Croatia, The Netherlands, Finland and China. She also served as juror for festivals such as Tricky Women (Austria), Animafest (Croatia), Blow-Up Film Fest (USA), Animanima (Serbia), Animocje (Poland), PAF Festival (Czech Republic), Fest Anča (Slovakia), Supertoon (Croatia), LIFFe (Slovenia). Her reviews and critiques were published film magazines such as Kino, Ekrany, Zippy Frames and ASIFA Magazine. She co-edited two monographs: “Obsession Perversion Rebellion. Twisted Dreams of Central European Animation” (2016) and “Propaganda, Ideology, Animation. Twisted Dreams of History” (2019).

Festival Criticism & Journalism Masterclass

Festival journalism can be an exciting adventure if one reports from an event that is artistically refreshing, intellectually eyes-opening and socially engaging. And this is Anibar: a festival that in 10 years time grew up to be a celebration of the highest quality, contemporary animated films, and an international platform where artists, activists and audiences exercise means of combat with empty small-talk, consumerist coma and social powerlessness. In the course of 5-days intense training the participants will write and edit film reviews, commentaries and analyses, interview a wide range of already established filmmakers and emerging new talents from all around the world, report on opinions and experiences of festival team, volunteers and regular visitors. People behind Anibar declare they are full of hopes and fears. They are concerned about Peja’s social and natural environment, that’s why they strongly wish for positive change achieved through honest appreciation of art, meaningful language and engaged civic activism. Through this masterclass the people participating will attempt to grasp such feelings of the people who contribute their passion to the festival.