Brooke Keesling

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Brooke Keesling (“Inception”, “The Dark Knight”, “Bob’s Burgers”) will be giving advice in what is sure to be an inspirational presentation

Event Imgage

Anibar International Animation Festival is so happy to welcome back Brooke Keesling to our festival. Brooke will give a presentation on her experience working in the highest level of the animation industry, and talk about her career journey and where it has led her. If you’re interested in having a career in the creative industry, or just want to hear an inspirational success story, you don’t want to miss this presentation on the 29 th of July starting from 16.00 at Kinema Jusuf Gërvalla!

It’s hard to summarize Brook Keesling’s career and the many impressive highlights of her life, but we’ll give it a try. Brooke Keesling has worked in the American animation and video effects industry for decades. She has had a key impact in several roles, including as an artist, in production, in education, and in talent development. Her first animated short, “Boobie Girl” won both Oscars and Emmy Awards in 2005. After this, Brooke worked on practical and miniature video effects at major films like “Inception”, “The Dark Knight”, “Hugo”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”, “Green Lantern”, and “The Aviator”. She changed course from video effects and starting working on talent recruitment. For years, she scouted talented animators and filmmakers for big companies like Cartoon Network, Disney, and Warner Bros, putting her stamp on productions from all these companies.

Right now, Brooke is Head of Animation Talent Development at Bento Box Entertainment. This animation house worked on a wide range of animation projects. They produced animated music videos for big artists like Alicia Keys, Coldplay, LSD and Pharrell Williams. They’re also the driving power behind “Bob’s Burgers”, an animated television series that has won several Emmy Awards. Bento Box Entertainment also produces “Central Park”, a animation musical series about a family living in Central Park in New York City. This series, while only being on air for one year, has already been nominated for 5 major television awards and won “Best Animated” at the AAFCA TV Honors. And besides her job at Bento Box Entertainment, Brooke Keesling still managed to also be the Director of Communications and Culture at The Animation Guild.

In her presentation, Brooke will answer the big questions creators always have to think about. How can you get your foot in the door? Does pursuing an art education matter? What should be in your portfolio? How do you get in touch working with ‘the big fish’ in the industry? This presentation will increase your knowledge, capacities, and skills. If you’re working in the creative industry of Kosovo, or are aspiring to do that, we’ve got one final piece of advice for you: don’t miss this unique opportunity!