Ana Nedeljkovic – A Balkan Tale

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Ana Nedeljkovic was born in Belgrade in 1978. She graduated in painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade. She was awarded a PhD in art practice at the same faculty. She is a visual artist working in the media of drawing, installation and animated film, and is also active in art education.

Event Imgage

The first film “Rabbitland” (2013) was awarded the Crystal Bear at the Berlinale. It has also received numerous other awards and has been shown at more than a hundred festivals worldwide. The second film “Untravel” ( 2018) was premiered at Berlinale, screened at Annecy and Sundance and nominated for the Annie Award.


Ana is a director and stop-motion animator specialized in making “cute“ dystopian plasticine worlds.

In her film “Rabbitland”, pink brainless rabbits held a free democratic election every single day, while “Untravel” tells us the story about an ultimately gray and isolated world surrounded by a huge wall.

For her, the most important thing nowadays is the animation usage as a powerful tool to address important social and political issues and that unfortunately, our (often bizarre) realities provide us with an almost unlimited source of inspiration.

Actually, directors are working on a new film called “Money and Happiness” which is about the “perfect” economy in a world full of hamsters.

In this presentation, Ana will be presenting their films, references, working process, the secrets behind the scenes, other materials and not to forget, some plasticine actresses will join the presentation as well.

Filmography presented:

7 min 20 sec
2013, Serbia

9 min 20 sec
2018, Serbia