24 Memes Per Second

Event Imgage

The presentation of 24 Memes Per Second at Anibar Festival

Event Imgage

24 Memes Per Second has been the enigmatic online home for experimental animation memes since 2020. The page is run by 3 animation educators, writers and working independent artists who <3 animation.

24 Memes Per Second’s statement on the “On Second Thought” Special Program, which they have curated for the 15th edition of Anibar Festival:

The delight as a child sets seeds into water to watch their fey roots shoot out on the windowsill. The hope of growing an avocado of your own after skewering its pit with toothpicks. Cuttings that line a bookshelf, each day a new ebbing slowly growing closer to sustained life. Plant propagation feels like magic. A small piece of a greater whole is given light, attention, and care bringing its beauty to the world.

These films were unearthed from past submissions and lifted from current submissions leaves popped off waiting for nodules to take root. Each a richly textured environment exploring themes like cults, mythology, travel, labor, and boundless love. Where will they grow next? Take a piece with you when you leave, water it well, and we’ll see you in the garden.