• Panel: Smash the Patriarchy

    Challenging patriarchy is something that has been ongoing for countless generations. In the 21st century, patriarchy is still lingering as an unjust social system that enforces gender roles and is oppressive to both women and men. And it will take many more years before it can finally be eliminated. By carrying the legacy of those […]



  • Panel: Challenging Gender Equality Stereotypes Through Animations

    Each culture creates its own understanding of men and women’s role in the society. These meanings include a range of predictions about how each gender should behave. When exaggerated, these predictions are turned into gender stereotypes. Rigid gender stereotyping promotes inequality between sexes and unequal distribution of power of between men and women. Additionally, rigid […]



  • Panel: Working Towards Equality in the Film Industry

    Gender equality is a fundamental human right and is crucial for sustainable development. Hence, this panel discussion aims to create a venue for an open discussion on the importance of achieving gender equality in the film industry. This panel discussion will focus on identifying existing gender gaps in the film industry in Kosovo. It will […]



  • Junaid Chundrigar collaborator with Stan Lee of Marvel comes with a presentation at the 9th edition of the Anibar Festival

    Junaid Chundrigar was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1986. Junaid was interested in drawing and animation from a very young age. After graduation from Utrecht School of the Arts in 2011 he started his own studio KLOMP! Animation in 2012 together with a former classmate. Now, after six years of working at KLOMP! Animation […]



  • Kendra Haaland comes this year to Anibar to talk about “Women in Animation”

    Kendra Haaland is a producer of animated feature films, who most recently produced Wonder Park for Paramount Pictures, which will release in theaters worldwide in March 2019. With 20+ years of producing experience, her credits include the 2015 Golden Globe-winning How to Train Your Dragon 2 from DreamWorks Animation, and Walt Disney Feature Animations Hercules, […]



  • Luce Grosjean: The vision of women about sex in animation

    The Cinema, the internet, the world has been covering of male vision of sex, performative, phallic, and obsessed with male desire. Happily, in the animation world, we have female directors decided to explore the subject, document it, explore it and offer new representations of sex. One hour of films to explore other ways of eroticism, […]



  • Aisha Madu: Broken hearts and broken bones: animating awkwardness

    An overview of Amsterdam based animation director Aisha Maduís work up until now, explaining the process and thoughts behind several projects. Sheíll explore the themes that inform her work and talk about what itís like to navigate different domains such as art, illustration, design, film and internet.



  • Coffee and Talks – August 16

    Meet the Filmmakers: Jani Zhonga director of Ethnophobia (Screening: Balkan Competition, 22:00, Cubes Cinema, August the 15th).




    Q&A with Joost Lieuwma and Tünde Vollenbroek at Exit Bar Meet the Filmmakers: Vladimir Kanic director of “Only Lover leave to Die” (Screening: Balkan Competition, Tuesday the 15th, 20:30, Lake Cinema) Talks: Joost Lieuwma and Tunde Vollenbroek on the role of comics in making comedy.



  • Coffee and Talks

    In line with the tradition in our country, at 13:00 we drink coffee and discuss our favorite subjects. During the week of the festival (14-20 of August) every day at Exit Bar we will gather to discuss films, techniques, details, animation, movement, and everything that surrounds an animated film. Coffee and Talks are meetups organized […]