• This must be the place – New Female Wave in Polish Animation

    For the first time Poland is a woman. You can hear her voice at the parliament, you can see her at the marches fighting for democracy, finally, you can feel her power at the Polish art scene. During last couple of years, you can also see them on the list of an awarded Polish directors […]



  • Lectures on the history of animated film of Eastern and Central Europe

    Anibar will hold a series of lectures with the purpose to develop the knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of animated film,by focusing on analyzing and interpreting animated films through different periods of history.  Its aim is to deepen the knowledge of Eastern and Central Europe culture and history, to discern political, social […]



  • Other Visions – distribution and curating

    Competition Other Visions is the one and only competition section of PAF – Festival of Film Animation. Each year since 2007, ten artworks of the moving image are chosen for the section by different invited curator from varied field (fine art, film, art history etc.). The archive of Other Visions representes a compact collection giving […]



  • Presentation of “Twisted Dreams of Central European Animation”

    Olga and Michal Bobrowska will be presenting on Friday the 18th at 13:00 at Exit Bar their co-edited book “Obsession, Perversion, Rebellion: Twisted Dreams of Central European Animation” that was published in 2016 and contains important aspects of animation history.    The collective volume consists of articles dedicated to the subversive and suppressed motis in auteur animated […]



  • Georges Schwizgebel Retrospective and Presentation

    Georges Schwizgebel one of the biggest name in contemporary animation will come to be part of Anibar International Animation Festival. The well-known author of 16 short films that have picket prizes at Cannes, Annecy, Zagreb, Hiroshima, Stuttgart, Ottawa, and Espinho will come as part of the grand jury to for the eighth edition of the […]



  • Retrospective Frame Order

    Frame Order is an animation studio from Utrecht, the Netherlands that makes script-to-end product animation productions. Their productions are diverse in style and technology, focusing on clear communication to the viewers what will be seen through their Retrospective happening on the 16th of August form 14:00 showing 23 of their best films. After the screening […]



  • Masterclass: Aya Suzuki

    Aya Suzuki the master of anime will come to Anibar to give a masterclass on the 20th of August from 14:00. She is a British/Japanese story, layout, concept artist, 2D character/FX animator. Projects that she worked on include, Hayao Miyazaki’s ‘The Wind Rises’ (2013) at Studio Ghibli, ‘The Illusionist’ (2010) (Dir. Sylvain Chomet, Django Films), […]



  • Presentation: Gerta Xhelo on Ted Ed

    The educational platform of Ted-Ed is widely known and used, and its content elaborates the most diverse themes through short, award-winning animated videos about ideas that spark the curiosity of learners everywhere. Gerta Xhelo is a content producer at Ted Ed.  She is from Albania, living and working in New York. On 18th she will […]



  • Special Program: Best of Annecy 2016

    On the 17th of August from 16:00, Annecy International Animation Film Festival comes to Anibar to present a concentrated and tailor-made programme of the very best animation screened at the 2016 edition. 10 award winning films that express animation at its best, each one more diverse and original than the last.



  • Special Program Focus on Visegrad: VAF New Talents

    This program aims to promote the most talented young animation filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and is a selection curated by Visegrad Animation Forum. This program is being screened at Anibar as part of the Visegrad Focus presented at the 8th edition of the festival. The film selection focuses on extraordinary talents whose […]



  • Special Program: Dutch Focus

    Dark Dutch Animation & Light Dutch Animation The Dutch are coming to Anibar with two special programs one being the Light Side and the other the Dark Side. Both together bringing the Dutch Focus on the 19th and the 20th from 12:00 at Anibar International Animation Festival, with their 31 films describing the diversity and […]



  • Special Program: Grendel Grendel Grendel

    Anibar is privileged to welcome Malcom Turner the director of Melbourne International Animation Festival to give a presentation on the impressive and longed journey of Grendel, on 17th of August at the Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla from 14:00. Grendel Grendel Grendel, the famous film which tells the story of the elderly monster Grendel that first featured […]



  • Special Program: Best of Fest Anca

    Best of Fest Anca 2017 is a collection of award-winning short animated films from the current Fest Anca International Festival of Animation, which has been selected from nearly 1,600 entries from more than 70 countries worldwide. A jury of international guests awarded this year awards in different categories such as Anča Award, Anča Award – […]



  • Special Program: Australian Showcase

    On the 15th of August, from 12:00 PM at the Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla will come a programme especially curated for Anibar which shows the best new Australian animation. Each year the Melbourne International Animation Festival (MIAF) brings together the largest collection of new Australian animation in the world. MIAF’s annual screenings cover the full spectrum […]



  • Coffee and Talks – August 20

    Meet the Filmmakers: Natalia Azevedo Andrade director of “Hereafter” (Screening:  Panorama Program 2, 20:30, Lake Cinema, August the 19th). Kleidi Eski director of “Lost Boy and Suicide Girl” (Screening: Animated Music Video Competition, 16:00, Cinema Jusuf Gervalla, August the 19th)  



  • Coffee and Talks – August 19

    Meet the filmmakers: Laurene Braibant director of  “The Ogre” (Screening: Student Competition 2, Lake Cinema, 20:30, August 17th). Presentation: Production process of “Magneti” by Arvan Berisha



  • Coffee and Talks – August 18

    Meet the Filmmakers: Tal Kantor director of “In Other Words” (Screening: Student Competition 2, Lake Cinema, 20:30, August 17th), and Jasmine Elsen director of “Rascals” (Film Screening: Student Competition 2, Lake Cinema, 20:30, August 17). Presentation on their book  “Twisted Dreams of Central European animation” by Olga and Michal Bobrowski. The organization of this presentation has been […]



  • Coffee and Talks – August 17

    Meet the Filmmakers: Lora D’Addazio director of “Juliette” (Screening: Lake Cinema, 20:30, August 16) Presentation: PAF Other visions presentation: distributing and curating by Jiri Nedelka



  • Coffee and Talks – August 16

    Meet the Filmmakers: Jani Zhonga director of Ethnophobia (Screening: Balkan Competition, 22:00, Cubes Cinema, August the 15th).




    Q&A with Joost Lieuwma and Tünde Vollenbroek at Exit Bar Meet the Filmmakers: Vladimir Kanic director of “Only Lover leave to Die” (Screening: Balkan Competition, Tuesday the 15th, 20:30, Lake Cinema) Talks: Joost Lieuwma and Tunde Vollenbroek on the role of comics in making comedy.



  • Coffee and Talks

    In line with the tradition in our country, at 13:00 we drink coffee and discuss our favorite subjects. During the week of the festival (14-20 of August) every day at Exit Bar we will gather to discuss films, techniques, details, animation, movement, and everything that surrounds an animated film. Coffee and Talks are meetups organized […]