A munden filmat me e ndryshu shoqërinë?   Ndoshta, sepse filmat dokumentarë mund ti frymëzojnë njerëzit për të vepruar dhe për të bërë ndryshime në shoqërinë ku jetojnë.   DokuFest, Anibar dhe Termokiss i kanë bashkuar forcat që përmes projektit HACKING URBAN SPACE të sjellin një seri të jashtëzakonshme të filmave që përqendrohen kryesisht në sfidat e efikasitetit në strategjitë urbane, rritjen e popullsisë, transportin e ngulfatur, mjedisin...



    by  Anibar  |  28th February

  • Thirrje për aplikim: Administrator/e Financiar/e

    Çka është Anibari: Anibari është një organizatë e formuar nga një grup i të rinjëve, të cilë kanë dëshmuar entuziasmin dhe vizionin e tyre për të promovuar kulturën e filmit të animuar në shtatë edicionet e fundit të festivalit, gjithashtu duke demonstruar kapacitetet e zhvilluara për të organizuar ngjarje të mëdha. Anibari ka investuar në kapacitetin e zhvillimit të rinisë dhe fëmijëve nëpërmjet trajnimeve, punëtorive, debateve dhe aktiviteteve të tjera që ju...



    by  Anibar  |  21st November

  • Joint animated film program screenings with films from Kosovo and Visegrad countries in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, and Kosovo

    As part of Anibar International Animation Festival project "Cultivation of Animation Culture Between the Western Balkans and the Visegrad Group" parts of which have been implemented before and during Anibar festival with the financial support of International Visegrad Fund, the final part of the project will continue with the screening of the joint program with animated films produced in all partner countries: Kosovo, Hungary, Slovakia, and Poland.   This program was curated with the aim...



    by  Anibar  |  9th November

  • Anibar opens its call for entries for the 9th edition and unveils festival dates for 2018

    Anibar International Animation Festival opens its call for animated films for the ninth edition of the festival. This edition will be held during 13-19th of August 2018.   Anibar has a big scope of competition (listed below) and accepts different styles, including animation in combination with Live-action. Here is the list of all the categories that you can submit your film to: –    International Competition –    Student Competition –    Balkan Competition –...



    by  Anibar  |  8th November

  • Call for students at Anibar Animation Academy

    Anibar Animation Academy aims to provide an education program for building a new generation of animators from Kosovo, exposing young people to animated film as a form of art. In animation, creators have unlimited freedom in exploring different cultures, expressing thoughts and ideas, and combining the visual and creative side with the stories. This program will serve as an extracurricular program for secondary school students in the city of Peja, especially the secondary school of arts in Peja.   To...



    by  Anibar  |  31st October

  • Anibar starts a new program: Anibar Animation Academy

    Anibar, an organization that was created after the formation of Anibar International Animation Festival, which this year in August has completed the eighth edition as one of the most successful ones, is starting a new program called Anibar Animation Academy.   This program is the first in Kosovo that will serve for young students to improve their vocational skills in the field of animation. The academy will work in the city of Peja at the Anibar space at the Cinema Jusuf Gërvalla.   Anibar...



    by  Anibar  |  27th October

  • Anibar opens the call for yearly volunteers

    Do you have an interest in animation, film, cultural events, festivals, film screenings, debates, activities and improving your English language skills?   If you answered yes to any of these, then Anibar might be right for you!   Anibar is opening up a new call for volunteers (Note: This is not an application for volunteers for the Anibar International Animation Festival, this is an application for Anibar organization volunteers; this is a NON-PAYING POSITION).   Anibar...



    by  Anibar  |  17th October

  • The winners for the 8th edition of Anibar International Animation Festival

    International Competition Winner Nothing Happens by Michelle and Uri Kranot, from Denmark The subject of the film comments on our modern society’s observing nature— something is always happening everywhere while we all turn a blind eye. Hypnotised with an extraordinary mise en scène, we wake up too late to act. We all heard the shot.   Special Mentions The Ogre by Laurene Braibant from France In this beautifully designed and animated...



    by  Anibar  |  23rd August

  • Closing of Anibars 8th edition

    It’s  time to close one of the most successful editions of the festival, proving that Anibar this year has shown itself more than an animation festival. This year, during these 7 days filled with activities, there were over 300 animated films that reflect the diversity and uniqueness of the animation world, associated with the unique atmosphere that has offered four cinemas of the festival. With 11 special programs that have enabled the space for further development with professionals in the...



    by  Anibar  |  21st August

  • Cartoon Brew – The most popular online animation magazine writes about Anibar – The International Animation Festival in Peja

    Cartoon Brew, a website for animation news, every day since 2004 has been publishing new articles, descriptions and critiques about new trends in the animation industry. For many animators this website is known as an essential animation blog and a page that is visited for the latest news in animation. In its latest article, this magazine has written about the 8th edition of Anibar, describing this festival as very important for the culture of its city, Peja, and acknowledging the engagement in...



    by  Anibar  |  19th August

  • Q&A with the filmmakers, to learn what’s behind the films you’ll be watching at ANIBAR

    Q&A Frame Order Questions & Answers is a part of the program where filmmakers, after the film presentations are open to answering the public’s questions. Dutch Retrospective - which will be a part of a very diverse and full program of the 8th edition of Anibar, will be dedicated to Frame Order studio from Utreht which is known for their short and special yet funny animations. One of the main people of the studio, Joost Lieuwma will be present in Pejë to conduct a Q&A after the...



    by  Anibar  |  13th August

  • Series of lectures on the history of the animated film of Eastern Europe countries by Olga and Michal Bobrowski at Peja’s Art Gallery

    Anibar will hold a series of lectures with the purpose to develop the knowledge and understanding of the history and theory of animated film,by focusing on analyzing and interpreting animated films through different periods of history. Its aim is to deepen the knowledge of Eastern and Central Europe culture and history, to discern political, social and philosophical contexts characteristic of the films’ cultural origin, and to practice skills of creative writing, storytelling and animating. The...



    by  Anibar  |  13th August

  • Oscar Nominee animated films come to Anibar as featured films

    Almost in every edition of Anibar, besides the short films in the competition, there are also long featured films which this year happen to be some of the bests of 2016, two of them which are Oscar Nominees and winners of other different awards.   My life as  a Zucchini, an Oscar nominee for the best animated film of 2016, is a film with extremely high ratings, which is about an orphan who after the disappearance of his mother ends up at a foster home, among other children his age. The...



    by  Anibar  |  11th August

  • Coffee and Talks

    In line with the tradition in our country, at 13:00 we drink coffee and discuss our favorite subjects. During the week of the festival (14-20 of August) every day at Exit Bar we will gather to discuss films, techniques, details, animation, movement, and everything that surrounds an animated film. Coffee and Talks are meetups organized with the purpose to bring together audience and the people behind the films. This place will serve as a way, to meet, answer questions, share work, tips, tutorials,...



    by  Anibar  |  10th August

  • Malcolm Turner – Director of Melbourne International Animation Festival comes to Anibar with two presentations

    Malcolm Turner, the director of Melbourne International Animation Festival will be with us at the 8th edition of Anibar, to give presentations on two special programs which he has curated for the festival. Malcolm is bringing to Anibar the Grendel Grendel Grendel film by Alex Stitt, which is based on the novel with the same title. First he will introduce the film, talk about the director and also share 2 copies of Alex Stitt’s books to the spectators. The second presentation will be a shorter...



    by  Anibar  |  9th August


    In our full and thorough program of this year’s Anibar, for the second consecutive year we expect the new filmmaker talents from Eastern and Central Europe. These films are collected in a selection of Visegrad Animation Forum where the most promising filmmakers of 2017 have been awarded based on what was created the aforementioned program which promotes these filmmakers outside the Visegrad countries, one of which happens to be Kosovo too. Before the film program will be a presentation which...



    by  Anibar  |  8th August

  • Festival Friends at Anibar

    Fest Anca, Annecy and PAF animation festivals are friends of Anibar, and this year they will be part of special programs with one program each where they will be showing their best animations of last two years.   First program which is going to be presented on 15 August starting from 12pm in Jusuf Gervalla cinema , is “Best of Annecy“, where will be shown best 10 films of Annecy 2017 festival.   The second which will be presented is from Fest Amca, “Best of Anca”,...



    by  Anibar  |  7th August

  • Anibar presents the jurors for its 8th edition

    Anibar International Animation Festival today announces its jurors for the 8th edition, comprised of a group of critically acclaimed, accomplished, and award-winning animators. Divided among the four competitive Festival categories, this year the jury will evaluate 90 films reflecting the diversity of this years program, which showcases animation in all its forms.   The Grand Jury: Aneta Ozorek-  Poland Georges Schwizgebel- Switzerland Gerta Xhelo- America Pedro...



    by  Anibar  |  6th August

  • Gerta Xhelo, producer of short animations at TED Ed presenting at Anibar

    TED Ed is TED’s youth and educational platform, whose mission is to ‘’spark and celebrate the ideas of teachers and students around the world.”. TED-ed produces short, award-winning animated videos about ideas that foster curiosity and encourage learning for millions of teachers and students around the world. TED-Ed’s animated content is informational and accessible to learners of all ages, as well as visually beautiful and artfully created.   Gerta Xhelo is the Content Producer...



    by  Anibar  |  5th August

  • Anibar organizing 5 animation workshops – call for participants open

    On these warm vacation days 15-19 August, young people from age 11-18 to students over the age of 18, have the opportunity to participate and get involved in Anibar workshops and learn new things in the field of cinematography, improve their animation and artistic skills and also to meet professionals in the field and other young people their age who share the same interests.   For the first time Anibar is organizing 5 different animation workshops that will teach different techniques...



    by  Anibar  |  3rd August